Only you love

Abigail Yomkir an average 18 year old girl who lives In a ranch in homes chapel goes off to college one day and bumps into someone shed never expect to bump into but then what happens if 3 boys fall for you and you only have feelings for one? You'll have to see what she does in "only you love"


2. the ranch

Abigail's P.O.V

Today me and my father will go to the store and buy food and after that we go to the ranch store to buy saddles,horse food,sheep hair cutter,or some extra healthy grass for the bunny's that i own. but before all that there's something called breakfast

My mum makes the most delicious bacon and eggs or omelet i should say well that's my opinion so i cant say that its the best of the best but she makes it real good.

"dear go wake up your brothers please, they think that they don't have school today" my mother says. I nod and go upstairs where my brothers Jacob and jacoby sleep. "WAKE UP SLEEPY HEADS ITS MONDAY AND Y'ALL HAVE SCHOOL TODAY" i say yelling really loud. I wait for 5 seconds to see if they react but turns out they quickly fall back asleep.

So since I'm a little mean i go to Jacob first because he is the most annoying. I flip the blankets and grab his feet. Then i start to pull him until he falls straight on the floor. "ahhhhh!" he yells then looks up at me "what was that for?"he says "umm idk if you have noticed but today is Monday and you have school." i say. he gives me a mad face then gets up and wakes up my other brother.

I'm going to he breakfast table when my dad stops me "honey bad news" he says......i give him a concerned face then say "what is it dad?" he looks down at the ground and leads me to the table. "you cant go with me to the store ever again?" he says."why?" i ask.

"the ranch, its suffering some disease about the pigs, they have found a new virus that includes pork and pigs and our pigs....................could be in danger" he says scared. I look at him then shake my head "so what do you want me to stay for?" i ask "well you need to give a shot to the pigs everyday from now to 3 weeks. and it has to be early and if not then they could get infected during the day."

I nod and say "well i will really miss hanging out with you in the mornings, but i understand that its for the ranch"

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