Only you love

Abigail Yomkir an average 18 year old girl who lives In a ranch in homes chapel goes off to college one day and bumps into someone shed never expect to bump into but then what happens if 3 boys fall for you and you only have feelings for one? You'll have to see what she does in "only you love"


5. college

Harry's P.O.V


Today everybody starts college as freshman including me.But hopefully today doesn't go bad like in high school.

I right now am changing but after that i have to drive to school with all my books and all my binders,notebooks. and that is a lot of work!

like 20 min. later im at school. Since idk what classes i have i must go to the front desk and get my schedule.


Abigail's P.O.V


Today is my first day of college and we finally got a new home but the bad news is that they still haven't found my dad and im kinda scared that it's a serious thing.

Yes i did get a ride from one of my new neighbors and she seemed soo nice! her name was danielle cute name!:)

After 45 min of a ride i finally get to the biggest building ever!!! when i walk in though every one seems to notice and all eyes are on me.

so i quickly get to a near by room and don't notice it because my eyes are closed............until i feel human skin!!!!!!"heeeh who's there?" i ask very scarred. "oh it's me Liam Payne" he says omg it's a he! then quickly the lights turn on and i see him. He's very,and shiny. "hi:)" i say smiling. He looks at me for quite a while then says "hi......what exactly do you do here?". I freeze for a minute "umm trying to settle into a new college but apparently it's not going so well" i say chuckling a little.

Liam laughs a little then says "have you gotten your schedule yet?" i shake my head no "i haven't even gotten to the main lobby" i say smiling. "well maybe i could show you around?...........i mean if you want" he says quietly.

"OK" i say smiling. this is college!

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