Only you love

Abigail Yomkir an average 18 year old girl who lives In a ranch in homes chapel goes off to college one day and bumps into someone shed never expect to bump into but then what happens if 3 boys fall for you and you only have feelings for one? You'll have to see what she does in "only you love"


10. breakup

Abigail's P.O.V


I'm in the hallway recently wiping my tears when i see Liam come down the hall crying "liam let me talk to you" i say trying to stop him but harry quickly grabs me "give him time abigail he has to get used to us" harry says.

"harry he's crying for me i can't leave him like that" i say looking at liam as he leaves."ok so he has to understand that me and you are now a couple" he says holding my hand "harry we've barely met so idk if we are to me" i say looking at him. He stares into my eye.

"really?" he ask. "yes i mean this is all we said to each other "hey oh im sorry" i say frowning.He let's go of my hand and i say "sorry" and then leave to run after liam.



"no you don't have to explain anything, just go with your new boyfriend" he cuts me off saying.

"no...........i broke up with him" i  stop "plus why did you get mad if i went out with him or not" i ask him.

"because Abbs.............i like you too" he says. What?!!! omg 2 boys like me,..........what if zayn likes me too?

"you do liam?" i ask.

he nods. "i wanna be with you more" he adds. I hug him and lay my head on his shoulder.

"i will be here for you when ever you need me Liam" i say as i grab his hand.

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