Only you love

Abigail Yomkir an average 18 year old girl who lives In a ranch in homes chapel goes off to college one day and bumps into someone shed never expect to bump into but then what happens if 3 boys fall for you and you only have feelings for one? You'll have to see what she does in "only you love"


6. 3 guys so far. what a mess

Abigail's P.O.V


Liam already showed me the front desk "hey umm i have to catch you later i have my classes now" i say as the lady hands over my schedule."OK see you" he says waving out and smiling. I smile and back and wave at him facing another direction, but im walking until all of a sudden i feel a big bump on my shoulder and all my supplies fall.

"oh my gosh im so sorry ugh why am i so clumsy?" i say reaching down for my books and stuff "no don't worry i know it was just an accident" he says so sweetly.

I look up and see this dark brown curly haired boy looking at me with green eyes.

"hi :)" i say smiling. he smiles and hands out his hand motioning me for i to grab it and stand up. So i do touch this boys hand and it's so soft. "thank you" i say, he nods and says "im Harry who are you?' i look at him and say "Abigail".

"nice to meet you abigail" he says sweetly, hey listen ill catch you later i kinda gotta go"  he says, i nod and watch him leave.

(2 hours later)

So far my day has gone great,,,,I've met two guys that i seem to really like as new friends.

As i walk to my next class somebody yells "HERE COMES THE GIRL!" i quickly stop until a big splash of water falls on me

I paralyze myself as everyone laughs at me at the corner of the hallway.I automatically start crying and can't move since im so paralyzed "come with me hurry" i hear someone whisper to me. So i quickly turn around and grab his hand as i hide my head with my other hand.

We go into a room and he says "take your hand off were alone" i shake my head no "that's one reason i can't, because your here and looking at me" i say.

"OK ill turn around" he says. So i slowly take my hand off and see this black haired boy turned around "you can turn around now" i say. Then as he turns my face widens and i can see the beauty of this guy with his dark brown eyes and his face so hot:)

"are you ok?" he asks. " not" i say wiping my tears "who even decided to do this to me?" i say crying.

"the people out there will humiliate you probably but you don't listen to them because they have no life ok? there job is to make fun of people but the only solution is don't listen or care" he tells me trying to cheer me up.

"i know but it eventually hurts you know?" i say crying.Then he grabs my cheek and his hand on myn "it matters.....i know but whatever they tell you...........don't believe....because i surely won't" he says smiling at me.

i look at him deeply into those eyes then say "thank you..............." he smiles "zayn" i nod and hug him "thank you so very much for helping me" i say hugging zayn tightly. :)


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