Only you love

Abigail Yomkir an average 18 year old girl who lives In a ranch in homes chapel goes off to college one day and bumps into someone shed never expect to bump into but then what happens if 3 boys fall for you and you only have feelings for one? You'll have to see what she does in "only you love"


4. 2 days after this terrible natural disease

Abigail's P.O.V


2 days after what happened i could see the broken down houses and the leftover furnishings all these houses had." I am right now in a help center with my brothers that luckily survived but the important thing is 'where is my dad?'

The helpers are in deep investigation like they are looking for him around the store that he was.

COLLEGE?! i start to think to myself and in my mind im like 'how will i get clothes for college? or how will i go to college with the big issue that just happened?'

I try to take that off my mind but it comes back to me every minute. "mum what about college?" i ask my mum.

"dear right now this isn't the mom-" i cut her off "oh i know but i just wanna know what the hell am i gonna do with this and how will i get to college.....i mean if it isn't destroyed too" i say.

"i don't know honey...i guess we will have to move somewhere or they will have to take you..if they can"

she says........................."owe man! i need to go to college in 3 days i cant miss my first day!!"

i say sadly "well pray to god that by 3 days we can have a  new house,see your father,and you and your brothers can go to to school" she adds. I nod and say "well OK i guess something could happen".................


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