"The only way you can know just how great it is to have a friend, is to lose one."- Unknown; Sally and Leon are both doing the same thing when they meet: Running away. So, they take on their journey together. A story of Adventure, fate, love and hate. A story that I assure you, will both heal your heart and make it melt. A story of two kids who just want to be loved, a story of two kids who don't just find each other by chance, a story of two kids who finally discover hope.


7. Who's Roger Felcon?

Sally was eight years old when she first met Roger Felcon.  He was a cute boy, brown hair, blue eyes.  All the girls loved him, but he only had an eye for Sally.  Sally and Roger had already received several dating rumors by the age of ten.  But, they were just friends.
Sally remembered gripping Rogers hand and sitting in the fields that grew around there town.  She would laugh and smile, dance and sing, all that stuff kids are suppose to do.  She remembered  all those times she had said,
"Just five more minutes!  Then, well go home."  Home was never a place Sally wanted to be.


"What was your home like?" Leon asked Sally, the night after they met that man.
"Have you ever heard that expression, home is where the heart is?"
"Yeah, why?" 
"If that's true, my home died with Roger Felcon."
"Who's Roger Felcon?"

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