"The only way you can know just how great it is to have a friend, is to lose one."- Unknown; Sally and Leon are both doing the same thing when they meet: Running away. So, they take on their journey together. A story of Adventure, fate, love and hate. A story that I assure you, will both heal your heart and make it melt. A story of two kids who just want to be loved, a story of two kids who don't just find each other by chance, a story of two kids who finally discover hope.


6. The First Man, Mystery and Mistake

Leon and Sally ate their Oreos as they traveled.  

"Leon, if I get fat it is your falt!" Sally exclaimed, eating her breakfast so slowly, with the most terrified expression on her face. 

"You know that Oreo isn't an explosive, right?" Leon mocked.  Sally just rolled her eyes and continued to walk.  The two kids had made quite a distance from where they first started, the fields of grass were now, what seemed like endless woods, rolling to the horizon.

The world was so peaceful in the morning, the kids would have never guessed something like this would happen.  But it did. 

The man was wearing a black coat and hat.  He had brown trousers on and a blue button up shirt.  His face was winkled and pale, he had jet black hair and his eyes, appeared to be a light shade, of lavender.  

The man looked at the two kids, and as he did, his lavender eyes seemed to slowly change into a shade a dark shade of blue.  He half smiled at the children.  But, when they didn't smile back, his expression became a looked of anger at twice the speed of his eyes changing color.  "What's wrong children?" he asked

"Do you think we should run or something?" Leon whispered to Sally.

"Foolish children, don't run!  Like some milk?"

"No, I'm fine, bye now."

"But children?" The man said, with his Italian accent. 

"We really have to go." Leon said, grabbing Sally's hand. 

"Don't!" The man shouted.

Leon began to run, while Sally squeezed his hand, she ran as well, close behind him.  Sally looked behind her to see the man standing there, smirking.  She felt a chill creep through her body. 


He was the first man, his eyes were the first mystery and running, was the first mistake. 

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