"The only way you can know just how great it is to have a friend, is to lose one."- Unknown; Sally and Leon are both doing the same thing when they meet: Running away. So, they take on their journey together. A story of Adventure, fate, love and hate. A story that I assure you, will both heal your heart and make it melt. A story of two kids who just want to be loved, a story of two kids who don't just find each other by chance, a story of two kids who finally discover hope.


9. One Day- It Ends

"Sally?"  Leon questioned.  Sally was crying.  The tears fell down her face violently.  With every tear, their was a story.  With every tear, their was a meaning.  With every tear their was a piece of her soul, drowning.  Sally's eyes opened.  The tears poured.  Her shirt was wet.  She embraced Leon.  She cried on to his shoulder.  "Promise me you'll always be here, you'll always be right next to me."  She said

Leon wanted to say he would so much, but something held him back.  The words just couldn't leave his mouth.  "I can't."  He said.

 Sally let go of him.  She shrieked.  She sobbed, it was then Sally realized, one day it would end.  One day everything would be over.  She would be that little girl, with no one to love, once again.

 Leon didn't mean to.  He really didn't.  He meant to stay there, forever.  Always be with her.  But for some odd reason, he couldn't.  So he got up and walked away.

"Don't!"  She shouted, he didn't answer.  He just cried.  He pick a flower and handed it to her, and, like that, Leon was gone.  Forever.  Or so she thought.

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