The 5 lad's

Melody parents died and she lives alone.She isn't really into things that people like theses days. But her best friend Brianna is into this specific boy band called One Direction. Melody doesn't seem why Brianna likes them until she accidentally meets one of them on the street. Her whole intire life changes as she gets to spend more time with them(the 5 boys) and finds out that all of them are crushing on her!


2. In the street

Harry's P.O.V- I was walking in the street texting the boy's that I will soon be to where they are in a jiffy. Then all of a suddent I bumped into a girl. She fell straight foward on to me then said watch where your going. She had brown curly hair with dark brown eyes. She had nice curves. As she bent down with her back facing me picking everything up that fell on the floor. She had a nice bum too. I started to help out and I slipt a note into her bag and then she got up. In The note I put my name and number. We had a small talk and I found out her name is Melody. Then she was on her way to leave. I called out "wait!". She asked "yes?". "whats your number?" She said "I wont give my number from someone right off the street." and walked away. I thought to my self I cant wait to tell the boys who I just met. I hope she texts me soon. Darn! I should of asked for her last name so I can try to find her on facebook. Oh well I hope she texts me soon.

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