The 5 lad's

Melody parents died and she lives alone.She isn't really into things that people like theses days. But her best friend Brianna is into this specific boy band called One Direction. Melody doesn't seem why Brianna likes them until she accidentally meets one of them on the street. Her whole intire life changes as she gets to spend more time with them(the 5 boys) and finds out that all of them are crushing on her!


1. At home.

Melodys P.O.V.- I was getting ready to go to grab a bite when my phone starts buzzing. I got to it and saw that my girl friend Brianna was texting me. Brianna- "hey girl, ummm I just passed by your house and want to know if you want to go to the movies." I quickly texted back no I cant and left out to go grab something to eat around the corner. I got to the corner and bumped into someone an fell foward onto the person. "Hey watch it" I said to the person. As I was standing up I started to pick my things up facing my back against the person. He was helping me a little. I finished and quickly turned around. I saw this boy with curly brown hair and green eyes. He looked so hott. "Sorry love I didnt mean to do that!" He said. I said"Its fine just watch where your going next time." "Whats your name." he asked. "Melody" I said. "That is a lovley name". "Thanks either way I have to go because I am really hungry. Bye!". "Wait!". I turned around and said "Yes?". "Can I have your number?". "No sorry I just met someone off the street either way ciao!"

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