Let Me Be Your Romeo

Alex had to work late in Nandos, after her shift was done she was getting ready to leave. Untill she had an unexpected costumer....She noticed that rich irish accent from somewhere. Niall Horan, her old best friend, they lost touch once he joined X-Factor....He Hasnt Changed One Bit... But Maybe Their friendship will ;)


1. Work -_-

~Alex's P.O.V~

Working? isn't my favorite thing in the world, everyone comes to Nandos Since One Direction's Niall LOVES to eat here. Niall Horan, I Have many memories with him. I miss my best friend, he probably doesn't remember me. He would put a big smile on my face, he always found a way to make me laugh. I was happy for him when he told me he sign up for X-Factor. But i didnt want him to leave, I knew we would loose touch. 

*Flash Back*

''Promise me you would face time me every night?'' I ask while having a tears roll down my cheeks. ''I promise love, don't cry, ill be back before you know it'' Nialler said rubbing the tears off with his thumb. He gave me a huge Horan hug, digging my face in his chest I calmed down while hearing his heart beat. He let go of me and he looked deep into my green eyes "Goodbye love, ill text you everyday" kissing my head. I couldn't speak, I just stood there shaking my head, I Gave him one last hug and watched him get in the car. Goodbye kept repeating in my head. I kept watching the car untill it wasn't visible anymore. I fell to the ground and cried, Niall was the only person who understood me, How long would he be gone?

*end Of Flash Back*

''ALEX!'' my boss screams, "sorry I was zoning out, I know, I have to work late don't remind me", I say while brushing the tear down my check. I walk away from Alli (my boss) and went to serve the next table. Each table I went to ordered the same Niall Would Order. This is gonna be a long day.


Hey Directioners ;D! What Do You Think? Sucky Right? Sorry, im not really a writer :/ . But Thanks for reading! Make Sure to favorite and like ;) Ill Update every day. Ill Ask random questions everyday also. So ENJOYY!! xD 

~ Mrs.Toran~(Tomlinson + Horan, cheesy Ik xD) 

How Did You First Hear About One Direction?

I Heared them cause my best friend posted What Makes You Beautiful On my Facebook Wall, and ever since Ive Been Hooked On Them xP

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