Gabriella founds out that she is related to Liam from One Direction. She meets the boys and the tale starts..


6. Tell the truth

"Gabbi? Is that you?" The word rung in my head as I turned around to face my sister. I whispered quietly to Kathrine. "Can I tell her about me?" "Yes, she is your family." "Thanks" I said to Kathrine, and faced my sister. "Yes it's me." Her face lit up and tears where in her eyes, and then she ran towards me and gave me a big hug. "We have been looking everywhere for you! You were suddenly gone, where were you? And how come you can stand, I thought you could never walk again?" She kept asking questions so I broke her of. "Hey.. Listen. I will tell you everything, but let's go home first, okay?" "But what about the others?" "The others?" "Yeah, did you forget dad? And that guy Liam and his friends came yesterday too. They are in the waiting room right now." Darn it.. "Okay, how about we go get them and all go home, so I can explain." "Okay, it's this way." We walked to the waiting room and my sister walked in first and told me to wait. "Guys!" She sounded so happy.. "Look who I found!" I walked in the room and I saw my dads face lit up the same way my sisters did. I was quickly in my dads arms, and I felt home. But then.. I smelled his blood.. So I pulled out of the hug trying to control myself before anyone noticed. "You've changed." I heard my dad saying. "I Have? How?" I asked him. "Well, your eyes are not the same blue color. It's like their brighter somehow. Your hair is long again after you cut it a couple months back, and it's no longer brown. It's dark. Your lips are more red, your skin is more tan and your teeth are bright white. And then of course there is your body.. It's like you lost weight so quickly. Your normal skinny again." I went to a mirror there was on the wall so that I could see my face. "Your right" I heard my sister saying. And yes I really have changed a lot! Oh, well. We could talk about that later. But we needed to go now.

"Shall we go home?" I asked everybody. "Wait, the nurses have to look at you to see if everything is okay. I mean how is it that you could disappear and then come back walking?" My dad asked. "I don't have to get checked by the nurse, I'm 100% fine dad. And the reason why I can walk again is gonna have to wait 'till we get home." I explained. "But why?" My sister asked. "Because it's to dangerous to tell here and to dangerous for you to know." I looked deeply in to my dads eyes hoping he would understand. "Okay, but as soon as we're home, you will tell us right?" "Yes, of course" So we went to my dads car and the boys drove in theirs.

Once we got home we gathered in the living room. I started out by telling what happened that night I drank the blood of that stranger, to the cave and then about the blood. ".. and the reason I was at the hospital was.. was to get these.. " I pulled one of the blood bags out. ".. so that I don't have to hurt people, and that's when you saw me and called out my name" I looked my sisters way and nodded my head against her so she knew it was her I talked about. When I was about to put the blood bag down in the bag again, I felt it calling to me. Then a pain in my teeth came and I covered my mouth. After a couple of seconds it stop hurting and everyone was around me asking what was wrong, when I felt two sharp and long teeth coming out. My dad removed my hand and saw them, then stepped back. So did everyone else. I looked at them and said. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you, it's just.. I haven't had any blood yet." "But.. but your face.." My sister said. I broke her of, 'cause I knew what she was gonna say.. demon .. "How about I go to my room drink one of these.." I pointed at the blood bag. ".. and then come back down?" I look at everybody. "Yeah, okay" My sister said. So I went upstairs to drink blood...

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