Gabriella founds out that she is related to Liam from One Direction. She meets the boys and the tale starts..


4. Gift and blood

"Okay, I believe you, but how am I supposed to save the world?" I asked Kathrine. "I will help you, of course." "Okay, but how?" "First let me tell you something." "Okay let me just sit down." I sat down on the hard floor and listened to her talking. "You should know why I am here first." I nodded. "I am here, because every time you have questions or want to know something, I can tell you. But also because on your birthday or former birthday you will get a gift, and this gift can be anything you want that can make you stronger. But since it's not your birthday, but the day you are turned you get an exception, so you can have a gift today. So is here something you want?" "A gift that makes me stronger? Like.. Walk in the sun?" "Yes, is that your wish?" "Yes" She nodded in understanding and waved her hands and magic looking thing came out of her hands. "Now, try walking outside." "Are you sure, because if I burn again.." She broke me of. "You won't. Just try." She smiled. I nodded and stood up and walked towards the sun, and when the sunlight hit me I closed my eyes tightly, but I didn't burn. I smiled a big smile in happiness over it. I can walk in the sun again.

"Gabriella? You have been standing there for five minutes." "Oh, right. Sorry. Please continue." "Well that is about it, but you should know." She became quiet. I looked in to her eyes, all I saw was sadness. "What's wrong?" I asked her gently. "There is consequences of being a vampire, and for some it can be a big problem to control." She looked down, and I remembered. "The hunger for blood.." I stared into the air, and suddenly I felt it rushing to my mouth. The hunger. "I .. I'm .. H-hungry.." I said trying to fight the hunger, because I could ignore it before. "Listen.. You can choose who you want to be. I know you don't want to hurt people. It is not in you nature to be that way." "I know, I know.. But someone is near and they are hurt, I can smell it.. I want it.." "Gabriella! Look at me!" she yelled. I looked at her. She smiled to me and said. "When you feel that way take a deep breath and try forgetting it." "I don't think I can." "Yes, you can. Try it." A took a deep breath trying to forget it. It worked a bit so I kept doing it until I didn't fell it. "Now I can relax.. Ahh.." 

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