Gabriella founds out that she is related to Liam from One Direction. She meets the boys and the tale starts..


7. Family

The taste of blood was so incredible.. It was like tasting something you haven't tasted in a long time, but you really loved the taste and when you tasted it again it just exploded in your mouth.. "You okay?" I heard Kathrine's voice, and immediately stop drinking. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" "Because you just swallowed four blood bags, Gabriella." I looked on the floor and there were four blood bags.. But how is that possible.. "But I just tasted it, how can I 'swallow' four blood bags so quickly?" "That's what I meant.. A vampire has no control over the blood.." "No.." I took the empty bags and ran to the trash can and ran to the bed and sat down, with my head in my hands. "Oh God.. I'm so disgusting .." "No your not" "Yes! Look at me! I'm drinking other peoples blood. I'm a monster..." "No, you're not! Your special, and drinking blood is just a part of it. But that doesn't make you a monster. A monster is the kind of vampire that doesn't think it, and kills people just because it's fun. That's not you!" She said with a strict tone in her voice. I looked at her with tears in my eyes. "Now shall we go downstairs? You have some guests waiting" I wiped away the tears and stood up. "Right, lets go, and Kathrine.. Thank you." "Your welcome."

When I was back downstairs, I went into the living room and saw everyone was there, talking and laughing. "Hi guys." Then there was quiet. "Welcome back. Liam said. "Want to sit down?" " Yes, sure." I sat down and remembered that Liam had something important to say. "What was it that you came all this way to tell Liam?" "Well..." So he told everything. That his mother figured out we were family by a detective, and so on.. I didn't realize a cried until someone gave me a napkin, it was Louis. "Thanks Louis." I said to him. "You know my name?" I smiled saying "I'm a fan Louis" He just smiled. I stood up and walked over to Liam. "I'm happy you found us." I smiled and gave him a hug. "Me too" He said into my ear. 

After talking a bit about the family, Liam got everyone's attention "Hey guys I have something to say." Everyone became silent and looked at him. "Who of you is free for the next two weeks? Because if any of you want to, I would love to take you with me back to England, so you can meet the rest of the family." He smiled to us. "I'm afraid I can't. I can't leave my work." My dad said. "I can't either, I'm going on a school trip in two days to Spain." My sister said. Everyone then looked at me. "I'll defiantly go! I have waited forever to go to England. It's a dream come true! Thanks Liam!." "Your welcome." He smiled, and I smiled back. "We leave tomorrow, if that's okay with you?" Liam asked. "Sure. I'll go pack." The next day we said our goodbyes and went to the airport. Once we were in the air I started hearing music. One Direction music, of course, and it was 'Last First Kiss' from the One Direction 'Take Me Home' album.

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