Gabriella founds out that she is related to Liam from One Direction. She meets the boys and the tale starts..


5. Blood bag

"Okay, now that you have that under a better control, we have to get you some blood." Kathrine said. "Yes please." "Okay. Since I don't think it should be from a human the first time, how about going to the hospital and get a blood bag?" "But isn't that dangerous? I mean there is so many people who is hurt or might be if I go there." "Don't worry Gabriella I'll be there to help you. But right now I'm attached to your hand, so can I get your permission to leave it?" "Eh..? Yes?" "Thank you" And she flew up on my head. " But why do you need permission to do that?" "I can't leave your hand without your permission, because if I do it I will loose my freewill and I won't be immortal anymore." "Your immortal?" "Yes, just like you are" "I am immortal to?" "Yes" "Wait. If I am immortal.. Does that mean that I can never have kids?" "Relax. Of course you can. But only if you find your true soul mate, but that might hard for you because you only have one, and you don't know when you will meet him. It can be far, far away in the future or not. Maybe even someone you have meet or someone who is already dead.. Sorry." "What?! So, there is only one person for me? But the chances of finding him is literally like finding a needle in a haystack?" "Yes, I am sorry." "Let's just go get that blood" "Of course Mistress." "And please don't call me Miss or Mistress. Call me by my name, Gabriella." I said with a smile. "I will" she smiled back.

We quickly got to the hospital. I stood looking at the hospital doors. "Are you sure this is a good idea?" I asked Kathrine. "Yes, nobody can see me, so if you feel the blood rush i can stop you by doing this.." A sudden pain came in my neck and I quickly took my hand up to my neck in pain. I must have looked like an idiot.. But the pain went away and it actually worked. I was so focused on the pain, that I forgot the blood. "Okay, I'm going in." "Okay, I'm ready." 

We got to where all the blood were. There have been no problem controlling it so far. I quickly grabbed a couple of blood bags into a bag that Kathrine magically got, and put the bag on my shoulder and went out of the room. When we were almost outside a heard a familiar voice. "Gabbi? Is that you?" I froze on the spot, that was my sisters voice.  

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