Gabriella founds out that she is related to Liam from One Direction. She meets the boys and the tale starts..


3. A new me

Gabriellas P.O.V.

I woke up. It was like I needed to catch my breath, and I sat up instantly. It was wired, but I looked around and saw I wasn't in my bed anymore, and what was even more wired, I could move my body again. "Hallo?" I said quietly. "Is there anyone hear?" But I could only hear the echo of my own voice. I soon come to realize that I must be in some sort of cave. It was dark and I couldn't see very good, but I knew I had to get out and find out what was going on. I was about to go outside when something stopped me. I raised my hand up to my face, and a little light started glowing in my hand. I made more distance between my hand and my face. A little creature suddenly came out of nowhere in my hand and it could talk. "Hallo, I am Kathrine. I am your witch. Mistress is there anything I can do for you?" She said. "W-witch? Mistress? What are you talking about?" I asked very confused. "Mistress? You don't know yet?" She said with so kind words. "Know what?" I kindly asked her. She smiled to me with a beautiful smile, and that made me look at her again, and not just her beautiful green piercing eyes. She had a white long dress on and a beautiful pair of beautiful wings on her back which was a golden color. Wait wings? And her size? She is no bigger than my thumb? And she appeared in my hand? How is that possible? What is going on?

"Mistress? Miss? You look pale, are you okay?" I heard a voice, and it broke my inner monologue. I looked down at my hand and said. "I'm fine, but what are you doing in my hand and what is this?" She smiled and said. "I am a witch, your personal witch, only you can talk to me. I am here because I am your guidance in your quest to keep the people of the world safe and to become a powerful vampire." She said what?! I am not a vampire?! How should I keep the world safe?! I am just a normal girl! "What do you mean vampire? I am no vampire, just a normal girl, and I can't keep the world safe. I can't even keep order in my own life, how do you expect me to safe others?" I said. "That has nothing to do with you being chosen to keep the world safe. You were chosen on your kindness to others, your selfishness and your pure heart and the love it carries. And yes you are a vampire or I wouldn't have appeared in your hand." She took a deep breath and continued. "You might not believe me, but I can prove that you are a vampire." "How?" I said. Now I am curious.. "You were in a car crash and now your walking after being told that wasn't possible for you to do ever again." "Yes, that is true, but that doesn't prove that I am a vampire."  "No, but try to take just your hand outside in the sun and you will see." So I did, but only for a second because it burned me. But then I healed again. How is this possible? "See. You can't go out in the sun." What is going on here? 

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