Just in Love

Olivia Park, a young girl who just moved out applies for a housenanny job. After interviewing she discovers who the real owners are. One Direction! What will happen?


1. Apply Here!




APPLY HERE:246-000-0833

The computer hummed as I looked over the screen. This was the best looking job I had seen so far. I pulled out my cell phone and typed in the number. It rung once and went to voicemail. I groaned, and waited for the beep. "Hello my name is Olivia Park and I was looking to apply for the job you posted on Craigslist. Call me back soon? Thanks." I hung up and set my phone down. I sighed loudly. I leaned back and turned the computer off. Bring. Bring. Bring.

I jumped. They were already calling back? I answered my phone quickly. 

"Hello Olivia, meet us at Starbucks on White Lane in five minutes and we'll interview you." A voice said quickly. 

"We?" I asked, "I'll be there." I hung up and bolted out of my tiny apartment. I tripped three steps from the ground but caught myself and continued running. A job! Finally! I continued running until I reached Starbucks. I peaked my head inside and saw a man standing there with my name on a paper. I walked up to him.

"Olivia?" He asked, his voice polite. I nodded quickly and he lead me to a back room. This felt shady. 

I heard a ton of voices, all laughing and they were all british, except one. One was irish. My heart was pounding as I continued walking down the hallway. Then into a brightly-lit room. 

One Direction sat there on the couch. I gasped lightly. They all smiled at me.

"Hello Love! You must be our new housenanny?" Harry said, standing up and shaking my hand. I grinned, starstruck. They all greeted me. Liam gave me a bear hug. Niall, the last one to greet me, looked me in the eyes, and whispered, "It's lovely to meet you." And kissed my hand. Then sat down smoothly. 

I was getting hired by One Direction. Me. 

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