When Beauty Pays

when Hannah, and her best friend's Grace and Tori are dancing at prom and suddenly they get the feeling they are being watched.... is this nothing or something? A funny fantasy story about 3 best friends who get kidnapped by one direction! But its not all fun and games .....will they fall in love with there kiddnappers or will they attempt to escape? a heart racing, and have to read book :D


5. The morning of Lovelys


I woke up to see harry still sleeping and i looked on my iPhone what time it was and it was around 3 am  and i wasnt even tired anymore, so i decided to take a tour of the cabin... i slowly walked out of the room putting on a robe and i walked down to the first floor of the cabin and toodled around the kitchen then the dining room then the living room then i found myself in there little man cave haha soooo cute! then i found louis' room and then i went to the 2nd floor. i found a hot tub, jaccuzi, and a waterslide into a pool! definatly going in that later today! then i found nialls room and toris room and down the hall graces. i continued up the steps to the 3rd floor first mine and harry's room then a recording studio! omg so cool! if i continue the least expected thing i see.... a library! i go in to see if theres anything interesting and i accidentally trip over a book laying on the floor and accidently hit a button on the side of one of the chairs and one of the bookcases turns around and i find a tv and many candies, chips, soda's etc. omg so like them! i heard harry get up so i quickly clicked the button again to move back to a bookshelf and ran over to harry in the room.

when i walked over to him he was hillariously talking in his sleep! ADORABLE! i kissed him on the cheek and decided i would go downstairs and watch some tv while im waiting for the rest to get up. by the end of my mini tour of the house it was around 5 am and liam and harry are early birds so it wouldnt be that long.


i heard the tv turn on in the living room so i decided i was gonna join the person watching tv, it was hannah... thank god! i wondered what was for breakfast because i needed something to wash down those yummy potatoes.... i sat next to hannah and we talked for a bit until it got to silence and of course the potatoes kick in and boom i fart.... hannah started laughing then asked me if it was the potatoes... she knows me so well! i soon heard tori, harry, and liam come into the living room and harry sits next to hannah liam sits in the arm chair and tori next to me... we were all to lazy to make breakfast so we were looking at each other and asking if they could when we all noticed hannah spaced.... heh-heh-heh we all scream at once to hannah and she immediatly snapps out of it and we tell her to go make breakfast. she groaned and then slowly walked to the kitchen, and harry followed... they were so cute :D 


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