When Beauty Pays

when Hannah, and her best friend's Grace and Tori are dancing at prom and suddenly they get the feeling they are being watched.... is this nothing or something? A funny fantasy story about 3 best friends who get kidnapped by one direction! But its not all fun and games .....will they fall in love with there kiddnappers or will they attempt to escape? a heart racing, and have to read book :D


6. Meh Cookies


if you really knew me you would know that im not much of a morning person so i decided i would bake something that would make my day sweeter.... COOKIES! so i bring out the trays and i put together the batter and i start rolling out the cookies onto the tray when Harry picks one up and tells me to open wide. i open my mouth blushing and he takes 3 steps back, in my head i was wondering what he was doing but then he spoke up and said for me to try and catch it! im thinking to myself omfg this is gonna fail! when he tosses it in the air and i catch it! so i grab one for him and i toss it to him and it lands right dead-center on his fore-head! he took one and lightly chucked it at me so i chucked one at him.... soon enough tori and grace come in and me and harry start chucking cookie dough at them... then they chuck it at us.... and then me, tori and grace all go up to harry and smear it on his face and i put it in his hair! soon enough niall and louis wanted to join the fun! so it got intense.... me, tori, and grace against harry, niall, and louis.... of course i start off and chuck 2 chunks at louis and hit him one on the nose and one in the balls, i didnt try hitting it there but it sorta just took a detour... niall nailed some at me and grace and tori chucked some at harry soon enough we ran out of cookie dough so we picked some off of the ground when suddenly liam walks in..... he was so shocked to see our mess as he speaks saying "oh my goodness, someone better clean this up!" then starts laughing as we all chuck peices of leftover cookie dough at him then all say i call dibs not cleaning it up! Liam shrugs then starts cleaning up the mess and calls for zayn to help him.


Me, Hannah, and Grace decided to go rinse out are hair as we talk about how much fun we had and how we are already falling in love with the boys. Hannah told us about her tour this morning as me and Grace confessed to her that we took a tour too last night. I laughed because Hannah always reads my mind by just saying whats on my mind and she told us that we should all take a dip in the pool later today! so right after we got done  washing out our hair we noticed niall, louis and harry were gone.


when i walked into the library i noticed a note on the chair from louis saying this

Dear Grace,

Me, Harry, and Niall all went to go get you 3 swimsuits, clothes, etc. and dont forget to tell hannah that we didnt forget her makeup and tell tori were buying plenty hairspray! i purposly left the note in  here because i knew you would come in here, a little birdie told me you were sorta a book worm

love you,


i found it so adorable how much he already knows about me! i walked downstairs to help Liam pick up the cookie mess but i found that him and liam were already taking a nap on the sofa... they are soooo cute!


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