When Beauty Pays

when Hannah, and her best friend's Grace and Tori are dancing at prom and suddenly they get the feeling they are being watched.... is this nothing or something? A funny fantasy story about 3 best friends who get kidnapped by one direction! But its not all fun and games .....will they fall in love with there kiddnappers or will they attempt to escape? a heart racing, and have to read book :D


9. Love Is Pain


Niall went on and on about how much he hated what i did and to leave her alone because he loved her. i hated how he said that he loved her.... im his sister hes supposed to love me over anyone else! ugh that stupid brat tori thinks she can steal my place, not gonna happen....

**** 2 month's later ****

Hannah's POV.

me and harry were sitting in bed and i was on my laptop on facebook and harry was txting this one person who he wouldnt tell but after 5 minutes he told me he was gonna go to the club. i asked him why and hes like oh no reason, with a smirk. i walked out and decided to get a quick snack. i kissed harry good bye as he walked out the door. it seemed so strange for him to do that type of thing just decide where hes going, its not like him.

**** 6 hours later ****

Harry still wasnt back and i was getting a bit worried. i figured he would go to bed when he got home so i decided i would catch up on some sleep so i walked into mine and harry's room to hop in bed when i saw the most painfulest thing ever in my life.... Harry.... sleeping.... with.... a different girl.... other than me....

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