When Beauty Pays

when Hannah, and her best friend's Grace and Tori are dancing at prom and suddenly they get the feeling they are being watched.... is this nothing or something? A funny fantasy story about 3 best friends who get kidnapped by one direction! But its not all fun and games .....will they fall in love with there kiddnappers or will they attempt to escape? a heart racing, and have to read book :D


7. Kaite Horror


Me, Grace, and Tori were all tanning in the pool room when Niall calls us down. we all walk down and see a random girl standing next to him... holding his hand and awkwardly sometimes kissing his cheek...


when i saw that stupid girl trying to kiss niall and holding hands with him i swear i wanted to beat up her ass! Until niall anounced something... he annouced this; "Everyone this is my sister.... Kaite"

Hannah bursted out laughing and asked him if he was joking... he wasnt, poor Hannah. Hannah awkwardly walked away into the pool room to finish her tanning session. me and grace sat there with our mouth's wide open. Kaite was dressed in a tank top with her hot pink bra showing partaily through the top of her shirt. also super short shorts and her stomach was showing. She was wearing neon converse shoes and her makeup looked horrible no offense. and she could use a bit more hairspray if i was her.


my tanning session was inturupted by Kaite, Tori, and Niall and kaite walks in with the most ugliest bikini ever.... tori's wearing her regular purple one and niall in his swimming trunks. me of course took 3 hours to decide what swimsuit... my swimsuit is hot pink with white polka dots on the top half and on the butt it says cute in sequin's and it has frilly's around the word sexy on my butt.

Tori and Niall hopped in the pool and put on their goggles and started making funny faces at eachother underwater when they swam to the other end of the pool and sat on the steps when they did something right in front of Kaite..... and she didnt like it... AT ALL

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