When Beauty Pays

when Hannah, and her best friend's Grace and Tori are dancing at prom and suddenly they get the feeling they are being watched.... is this nothing or something? A funny fantasy story about 3 best friends who get kidnapped by one direction! But its not all fun and games .....will they fall in love with there kiddnappers or will they attempt to escape? a heart racing, and have to read book :D


8. Drama At The Pool


me and niall sat on the steps in the pool and we both leaned in and our lips met. i wraped my arms around him while he played with my hair. It was all going like i dreamed until Kaite kicked me in the side. i screamed out OW! Niall immediatly stood up took Kaite by the arm and pulled her into the corner talking to her as i got out of the pool and walked over to Hannah to dry off and i started to explain what happened when apparently she saw it all. Niall walked over to us to appologize and i told him it was fine as me, Hannah, and Grace walk to Hannah's room to get changed.


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