Hes my life

After Ally meets Nick, she realizes her life has changed. They both know they are going to be eachothers forever.


1. Loser to lover

   Ally's p.o.v.:

  " Ally, get over here now and do 40 push ups you weakling!" My gym teacher shrieked out. I am a loser.

I really have no life. My crush already has a gf and my bestfriend has moved to a whole other countrty. I swear. I hate school because I have no friends. I ran down the hall and I bumoed into a guy named NIck. He's a football player, so I thought he'd bully me and push me around.

:Oh my gosh I am soo sorry, it's my fault let me help you." He said. I already like him. His blue eyes and blond hair are very beautifull and I love his personality how hes a football player and hes nice. He's absoloutely nice.

"Thanks," I said

"No problem It was my fault." He smiled. " Sit by me at lunch today?" He looked really nice.

"Yeah sure" I said.

"yay!" He cheered.

I smiled and laughed and walked to my locker. YEAHHHH MANNN
Nick's p.o.v.:

Wow, for a girl like her I dont know how shes single. Her pretty green eyes and curly brown hair are sooo pretty.


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