Teach me how to love

"I thought I couldn't fall in love again....that is until I met you"

Harry Styles is the new boy in school, he is mysterious, handsome, and has a rough life. Well one person can make his life go from hell to heaven, that person is Emily. She will teach Harry to love again and forget all of the memories holding him back. Do you think one person could change someones life forever? Enjoy the twisted, complecated story of Harry and Emily. "Love will have walls in the way..." he pauses and continues "but I will beat down the walls if I have to.. to keep what we have still alive" he whispers in my ear (teaser hehe)

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6. chapter 6

 Emily's Pov: I wake up to my annoying alar clock and shoot out of bed, it was supposed to be cold today so I put on leggings, a limited edition shirt, with a jean vest over it and my black combat boots. I throw on my spike bracelet for the edgy effect. It's going to be awkward today because Harry and I kissed the other day. I put a coat of mascara on and walk out of my room, "Mom I'm gonna buy today" and walk out the door. I walked to school today since the sun was out, the cool breeze brushes against my face and I huff. A cloud of my breath disappears, I walk up the school drive way and push the doors open. I notice the curly haired boy and book it to my locker, I twist my combination taking out my papers and books. "Hey girl" Lindsay walks over to my locker and I give her a quick smile. "So how was your date with Harry yesterday?" she asks raising one eyebrow. I roll my eyes "It wasn't a date he just felt sorry for me" I close my locker and she nods "But tell me how was it" I look at her and lean against the lockers. "He brought me to an open field and it was beautiful, then he convinced me to go to a party" I stop there knowing her reaction. "He convinced you? You Emily, to go to an actual party, with people there?" I laugh "Yeah he has that effect on me" I shrug and she smiles. "What else happened?" she asked and I sigh "Harry started beating Josh Taylor up because he was bothering me and yeah that's it" I say and she smiles "Ok well se you later" she waves and I wave back. I start to walk when a boy stands in my way, "Em we need to talk" his husky voice says and I look up at him. "Alright" I lean against the lockers and he looks at me "That kiss yesterday, that was in the moment. Nothing more nothing less, it meant nothing to me." he says coldly and I make a confused face "Why did you say you were falling for me then?" I ask and he licks his lips "Because you need to know that you can't fall for me, I can't go in deep." he scratches the back of his head. "Why is it so difficult to fall for me?" I ask and he slams his fist into a locker. "Just listen to me Emily, I can't fall for you.I can't, too many things that I am afraid of that would happen" he sighs and I laugh "Since when are you afraid" I ask and he glares at me. "You are making this so hard" he pushes past me and I fumble over a little. The bell rings and I rush into my biology class, I take my seat and Harry is tapping his pencil on the desk. "Alright class time for examining what happens when you add salt solution to a plant cell." I grab the materials and sit back down. Harry's facial expression is blank so I start to do the experiment, I look over at Harry. One hand is tapping the pencil on the desk, the other one grips his seat, his biceps bulging out. He sighs and looks at me and I move my eyes away from him and to the experiment.


  Harry's Pov: My stomach fills with butterflies, I can't get out of the hole now. I fell too deep, I'm falling for her and there is nothing I can do about it. "Emily" I say and she continues working I cross my arms and move closer to her. "Harry, I don't get you" she says and I let out a small laugh "Not to many people do" and she looks at me. Stunning, just gorgeous I feel my heart race and I keep reminding myself no you can't but my heart is telling me another story. "But I get enough to understand who you are." she says and I raise my eyebrows. "you don't understand me at all" I say and sit up in my chair a little. "You have issues with love. You're afraid to let go what ever is holding you back and can't move on, You're afraid of what you did in the past." she gulps "the pas was the past Harry, this is now" and I was impressed. She understood most of it and I was surprised. "When my brother beat me, it was hard to trust people. I became worried, and I just kept that in the back of my mind when I met new people." she picks her pencil up and writes down a few answers. "You can trust me" I say and she laughs "Can I Harry? One minute you're telling me you're falling for me and then another I'm not anything." she shrugs and I look at her. I sigh and shake my hair. "I'm not falling in love, I can't it just repeats it's self." I pick my pencil up and copy her answers. "But if you never try you'll never know" I look at her and smirk. "Coldplay huh?" I ask and she shrugs "I love Coldplay" she smiles. "But if you never try you'll never know, just what you're worth". she shakes her head and laughs. "Ok I have to tell you something, but you can't laugh ok" she giggles a little. "I won't" I smile and she moves backwards. "You promise" she points her finger at me and I raise my hands up "Swear". She bites her lip and leans over and says "It's sad but you were my first kiss" she moves away slowly and her face is red from embarrassment. "Really?" I ask and she nods "I'm a little surprised." she tilts her head and I shrug. "You are really nice, caring, pretty" I smile a little and she looks at me with her beautiful eyes. "Thanks" she looks away from me a bit and then the bell rings. "Hey Em come over to my place tonight" she clicks the buckle to her bag. "But tonight is a school night, we have a test tomorrow in Science" she throws her bag over her shoulder. "Yes I am a where of that, good girl" I wink at her and she roles her eyes. "I'm not a good girl" she crosses her arms and I laugh "well then prove it" I fix my bag and she looks around the room "Fine I'll come over but tell me where you live" she takes her phone out and I push it away "You're coming right after school." she laughs "Are you crazy? My mom is going to flip shit" we walk out of the classroom. "Just tell her you're with Lindsay." she looks at the ground and back at me and sighs.


  Emily's Pov: "I can't lie" I whisper and he laughs "You are such a good girl, pure" he smirks and Lindsay walks over here. "Lindsay is that Ax you're wearing?" I smelt it right when she got here. "Oh um, yeah sorry" she fixes her hair. "Alright, but why aren't you wearing the girl one it smells like the boy" I say boy slowly and raise my eyebrow at her. "So who you making out with?" I ask and she shakes her head "Listen Em I got to go" she begins to walk but I pull her shoulder. "Can you do me a favor and tell my mom I am going over your house to study and be back at ten?" I ask she crosses her arms. "But you aren't" she says and I roll my eyes "Yes I know but Harry invited me over so please do this for me" I give her the puppy dog eyes and she nods. "Use protection" she winks at me and Harry laughs. "Thanks for the tip" I pat her shoulder and he smirks "So we-" I cut him off "No Harry, no we will not. He smirks and shoves his hands in his pockets, "Why are you afraid though, to fall for someone" I ask and he ignores me. Which I knew was going to happen, "You're going to have to tell me eventually." I huff and he smiles. "Emily" I turn around to Josh Taylor "What do you want now you dipshit" I ask and he smirks. "Hello to you too" He fixes his varsity jacket. "Are you going to take that off, this is not one of those movies where the jocks where their varsity jacket as their only item of clothing." Josh looks at his jacket and it looks like shit. It has dirt all over it and the seems are falling apart, "I like it and I don't care what you have to say." Josh still had a black eye from the night Harry punched him in the face. Josh moves closer to me "Listen I wanted to apologize for being a little in your face the other night" he says and I raise one eyebrow "Ok in your personal space" I nod "Well you're kinda going to pop the personal space bubble around me if you don't take a few steps back." I shrug and he moves closer placing his hand on my shoulder. "And there- there you go, you just popped my personal space bubble" I stand motionless. "Get off of her" Harry says and Josh moves away "What are you going to do about it Styles"  I look at Harry's fists clenching and he smirks "I'll beat the shit out of you again, and this time it will her more then the last"  He takes a step forward. "Harry, chill" I say and he turns to me "This prick doesn't understand how to leave you alone" he grits through his teeth. "Josh get out of here" I play with my hair and he walks away. Harry stays silent "I'll see you later" he says and brushes past me. I huff and lean against the lockers. What have I gotten myself into?


A/N: sucky chapter yeah I know, I'm working on another fanfic too js hah I get bored sooo yeah just comment please what you think. Thank yaa.

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