Teach me how to love

"I thought I couldn't fall in love again....that is until I met you"

Harry Styles is the new boy in school, he is mysterious, handsome, and has a rough life. Well one person can make his life go from hell to heaven, that person is Emily. She will teach Harry to love again and forget all of the memories holding him back. Do you think one person could change someones life forever? Enjoy the twisted, complecated story of Harry and Emily. "Love will have walls in the way..." he pauses and continues "but I will beat down the walls if I have to.. to keep what we have still alive" he whispers in my ear (teaser hehe)

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5. chapter 5


  Harry's Pov: We pull up to Josh Taylors house, Emily's leg is shaking up and down as I park the car. "First Party?" I ask and she smiles shyly "Don't worry it will be fun" I pat her leg and looks at me. I quickly move my hand and open the car door. I step out, and open the door for Emily. She looks at me and mumbles "Thanks". I look at her, "You ready?" I ask and she shrugs "yeah I guess" The music is blasted to maximum volume. I ring the door bell and Josh comes and opens the door holding a red solo cup. "Hey man, thanks for coming" he slurs. Josh raises an eyebrow "Emily?surprised to see you here" he leans against the door frame. "Yeah me too" she says clapping her hands together. "Well I'm glad you came, maybe we can get to know each other better" he winks and lets us in. I narrow my eyes at Josh and he shrugs "You're not going out with her right?" he asks and I look at Emily walking into the door not really sure where to go. "No, but if you try anything on her, I'll beat the shit out of you" I brush past him and shove my hands in my pockets. "So enjoying yourself?" I ask Emily and she shrugs "I guess" I smirk "Come here" and I take her over to the beer. "Have a glass" I toss her a bud light and she looks down. "I-I don't drink" she says shyly and I roll my eyes "Right you're a good girl forgot about that" I snatch the beer out of her hand and chug it down.  She raises one eyebrow at me and I smirk. "I want to dance, dance with me" I slur. I was a little tipsy since I chugged down two beers. I grab her hand and take her to the basement where the music was. I started grinding her.


  Emily's Pov: I know Harry's tipsy but what the hell is he doing? "Harry get the hell off of me" I shove him away from me and cross my arms. "Why?" he asks and I shrug "I don't know you're tipsy and you were grinding me" he looks down "sorry" he mumbles and I shrug he grabs my hand and places it on his shoulder. He puts his hand on my waist, "Better?" he asks and I laugh "You are one character aren't you" he smiles "I guess" blurred lines was on and we were dancing slow. Harry smiles at me, his dimples showing and his green eyes stare into mine. "you have beautiful eyes" he says and I feel my face get hot. I'm pretty sure this is the drunk Harry talking. He twirls me around and then pulls me close to him. "I'm going to go try and find some water" I say and he follows "Harry I can get it by myself I think I can manage" he looks at me and rolls his eyes. I walk up the stairs and  into the kitchen. "Hey Emily" I look at Josh "What do you want" I snap and he laughs "You baby" he is drunk, totally wasted. "Leave me alone we hate each other." I open the fridge and a bottle of water is in there. I grab it and sip a little then close the cap. "You hate me? Well I certainly don't hate you" he stokes my arm and he laughs. "Get off of me jack ass" I say and he smiles "Baby you know you like it" I look at him "I would rather jump off a cliff" I smile an obnoxious smile. "Well that's a little harsh now isn't it?" he smirks and leans against the counter crossing his arms. "I'm taking the vibe that you don't want me" he says and I laugh "wow look who's catching on" I roll my eyes. "Playing hard to get?" he smiles "I like that in a girl" he comes closer to me and places his hand on my cheek. I freeze. "Get away from me" I mumble and he smirks "We both know we want to kiss each other." I gulp "Seriously leave me alone" I back up into a table having know where to go. I look away and a curly haired boy comes in and grabs him by the collar. "Listen you're going to leave her alone" He says in his husky voice. "What if I don't?" Josh's smile stretches across his face. "I'll beat the shit out of you" he says and I feel my heart skip a beat. Josh punches Harry strait in the face, blood comes out of his nose and lip, Harry laughs. "So that's how it's going to be?" Harry punches Josh in the nose, eye and repeatedly in the stomach. "Harry stop" I say and he continues "Harry seriously I'm not fucking around stop it" He continues "Harry you're going to fucking kill him" I pull his shoulder and he turns around holding his fist up to me. I flinch and watch the blood drip off his knuckles and to the white tiles.

    "I want to go" I whisper and Harry brushes past me and out the door. I follow, " I'm going to walk home" I mumble and Harry laughs "You're joking right?". I shrug "I'm not" I start walking. "Emily get in the car" he licks his lips and narrows his eyes at me. "No" I reply walking towards the street. "No?" he says he chuckles quietly "Emily just get in" he raises his voice. "Seriously Harry I'm good." I continue walking. Harry's fists clench up again, his eye a little shade of purple. "Emily get in the fucking car before I pick you up and put you in it." he shouts and pushes his hair back. I look at him and do what he says. I go into the car and buckle up, Harry's breathing is heavy he yelled at me? The fuck? It's ok when I do it but no way in hell it's ok when he does it. I look out the window I feel tears fall off my cheek and to my pants. I blink a few times to make them stop, Harry breaths out and looks at me "Em are you crying?" he asks and I don't respond. "Em please" he sighs and I refuse to look at him. "Just  what I was afraid of." he mumbles and starts the car. The ride was silent, "here we are you're home" he says pulling into my drive way. "Thanks" I mumble and get out of the car. "Harry wait" I say and he looks at me, "I can't let you go home with the blood dripping down you're face" I look at him and he smirks "I can handle it" he says and I turn my head a little. "Come inside my mom isn't home yet, I'll  get you cleaned up" I sigh and he steps out of his car. "Fine but I'm leaving right after that" he says and walks to the stoop with me. I open the door with my key and we walk up stairs. "Sit down on the couch" I point and enter the kitchen. I grab some ice and then I head to the bathroom to grab some cloth for the bloody nose. I walk back into the living room and sit across from Harry on the couch. I look at his face, "Thanks for sticking up for me" I mumble and press the ice pack to his busted lip. "No problem" he speaks unclearly because of the ice pack. I remove the ice pack and grab the cloth for his nose, Harry takes the cloth off his nose. I place the ice bag back on his lip, he grabs it and puts it down. "Are you afraid of me?" he whispers and I look into his eyes, I look down and back up again. "I'm guessing yes, great" he huffs and I stare at his face, cut up and bruised. "I'm sorry Harry you just frighten me, you raised your fist to me and it scared me." his eyes widen "I did that?" and I nod. "I'm so sorry" he says sincerely. "It's fine" I put my hands on my lap and he rolls his eyes "No it's not fine" I look at him. "What's your mom going to say about this?" I ask and he licks his lips. "Um I left my family, I needed to get out just too many horrible memories." he gulps and I can see the hurt in his eyes. "I would never be forgiven if I went back" he laughs and shakes his head. "And now I even got a bigger problem" I tilt my head "what?" I ask and he laughs "No, I can't" he shakes his head and I move closer to him. "Harry you can tell me" I whisper and he looks at me with his green eyes and doesn't take them off of me. "You" he says in a deep tone, "me?" I ask and he nods. "Well why am I the problem?" I question and he shakes his head. "It's too difficult, to explain." he faces me and I just look down.


  Harry's Pov: I look at her, her eyes travel down like always and her lips are pressed together. I've noticed in situations she looks at her nails, which is exactly what she's doing now. I put the ice pack on my mouth for a two minutes and take it off. She is staring off into space, I lift her chin up she looks at me and I look at her. I didn't really notice her beauty that much because her personality is so strong. She's quite beautiful, gorgeous actually, how could no one like her? I feel my heart flutter. Harry don't, I stare at her lips and she sighs. "Why am I the problem?" she asks again and I lick my lips not answering. I begin to lean in and then it happens.

  Emily's Pov: Harry's lips crash into mine, they were a little cold from the ice pack, but his kiss was passionate and gentle. I feel my heart flutter and race as he kisses me, his hand on my cheek. I feel butterfly's in my stomach. Harry shoots his eyes open and pulls away and gets up, I sit in complete shock. "You are the problem because I'm falling for you" he pushes his curls back and walks down the stairs. "Harry" I say but he is already out the door. I watch his car pull away and just in time too, my mom got home. I throw the ice bag out and the cloth of blood,  I rush to my room and close the door. I still feel my lips tingle from his touch, "Hey honey I'm home" my mom yells and opens my door. I smile and she says "Get ready for bed" I nod and change into my pajamas and brush my teeth. I lay back in bed thinking of today, the picnic, the party, the kiss. What happened?


A/N: You might think you know what happens next but trust me you'll be surprised. Comment please what you think, opinions always help. Thanks for reading :)


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