Teach me how to love

"I thought I couldn't fall in love again....that is until I met you"

Harry Styles is the new boy in school, he is mysterious, handsome, and has a rough life. Well one person can make his life go from hell to heaven, that person is Emily. She will teach Harry to love again and forget all of the memories holding him back. Do you think one person could change someones life forever? Enjoy the twisted, complecated story of Harry and Emily. "Love will have walls in the way..." he pauses and continues "but I will beat down the walls if I have to.. to keep what we have still alive" he whispers in my ear (teaser hehe)

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2. chapter 2

  Emily's POV: I roll out of bed and brush my long wavy brown hair. Everyone has those days where ypu dress like shit,well thats my day today. I through on my baggy bulldog school sweatpants on and through on my bulldog pride t-shirt on. I drag my feet out of my teal room and close the door. "Em what do you want for lunch?" my mom asks and I mummble "I'll buy today" I grab the keys to the car and walk out of my house. The cool crisp air made me shiver, my breath fogs up the car window as I unlock the doors and enter. I grip the steering wheel and turn into the school parking lot, I take the keys out of the endgine. I turn my head and peer out the window. I unbuckle my seat belt and my eyes fall on him, his sparkling green eyes glance my way and I quickly turn. I grab my books and step out of the car, my heart races as his eyes look at me from head to toe. Harry licks his lips and turns away walking with....ew Josh Taylor, my douch alarm went off. I walk in the school and slowly stroll to my locker. I shove my books in and look at my reflection in the tiny mirror. I turn around and notice Lindsay walking towards me. "I see the new boy has his eye on you" she winks and I roll my eyes "No, he doesn't and besides why would he even like me? I'm not like you drop dead gorgeous." Lindsay laughs "Thanks but your not ugly just look at Becky Rubens" we turn our head to the girl with the perm and shiver. "Jesus that girl should seriously get some help". "I feel bad she is a total gag bag with that hairstyle" I try to hold back a laugh from what Lindsay said. "But seriously he likes you" I laugh "Alright whatever you say" I mock her and through my bag over my shoulder. "well we will see" I shrug and we start to walk down to english. My eyes make a quick adjustment to the boy at his locker. Harry looks at me hanging his jacket up and slams his locker. His floppy curls bounce and turn the oppistie way I'm walking. I shift my head and a small smirk plastered on Lindsay's face. "Well he might not like you but I don't know about you..." I smack her arm "I don't like him" I snap and we enter room B3. I place my books on my desk and Lindsay does the same. "welcome class!" Ms.Berckley says "Jesus that women is way to perky" I whisper to Lindsay and she nods. "we are watching a video on the shakespeare plays." everyone rolls their eyes and slouches in their desks. Lindsay grabs a piece of paper and starts writing. I shift my eyes towards the screen then at Ms.Berkley, mouthing the words. I look at the paper that ploped on my desk, I open the small note and read it: I think someone likes you... I close the note and look around: who? I through the note on her desk and she flicks her head twords John Freedmen. John was staring at me and quickly shifted his eyes away from me, John was the hottest guy in school well before Harry showed up. John's standereds lowered, since Harry has been getting all of the attention. I glance at Lindsay who mouths "he is so hot" to me and fans her face. I laugh, John has beautiful blue eyes and spiked up brown hair. He seriously looks like an abercrombie model, the bell rings and the lights flick on. My eyes squint and I stretch, I grab my bag and notice John walking twords me. "Hey Emily" He says and walks away. " Emily" Lindsay says looking at John leaving the classroom. I walk out and head to all of my other classes which should be interesting, John was in all of them. John stared at me most of the periods and I felt  my heart flutter. The day goes by quickly and now it's time for biology. "Hey Emily can I talk to you for a second?" John asks shoving his hands in his pockets and flashes me a smile. I nod and we walk to biology, I notice Harry walking from the opistie direction staring at us. "I was wondering if you wanted to maybe catch a movie sometime" he smiles and I shrug "sure that would be cool" he nods "How about maybe friday?" I nod "a scary movie?" he asks and I laugh "I'm not one of those girls who cry at a scary movie but sure" he laughs "Cool! see you then I guess, well see ya" he says and walks the other way. I notice Harry clenching his jaw and he turns into the classroom. I take my seat and not one word from Harry, he just flods his arms across his chest and stares blankly towards the front of the room. "hey" I mummble and he turns to me looking down not saying a word. I just shake my head. "Ok guys now we are going to study the animal cells" we get slides and we look at the microscope. "So I saw you with John before" he says and I roll my eyes "how do you know him?" I ask and he looks through the lens "he goes to the same gym I go to" I shrug "wait why would you care if he was talking to me?" I ask and his fists clench up and I slide over a bit "I don't care I just saw you talking to him" he snaps and I look down. Why was he mean at one point and nice at another. I stare at my paper, blankly "Emily?" I snap out of my trance "yeah what" I say and he looks at me "John, he doesn't really like you" he says and I laugh "whatever you say Harry, I know thats not true" he smirks "Oh yeah then why did he tell me yesterday that he was going to get close to you to get to Lindsay" I feel my stomach drop "You liar" I choke on the words. "whatever don't come crying to me when he dumps your ass and Lindsay dates him." that one hurt, his words stinged my heart. I knew right then and there Harry Styles was a jerk, just like the rest of them. I place my hand on my head and ignore the boy with the curls. "Do you want a turn?" he asks and I snatch the microscope away from him and copy everything down. I bite my lip trying to hold the tears back, Lindsay would never do that to me. Lindsay and I we are best friends, she would never dae a guy that used me. My heart beats fast, I close my binder and stare at the door, "Do you even like John?" he asks and I ignore his question, I turn my head stare the wall. "well he is the only guy who ever asked me out" I mummble and Harry looks at me "Really?" he asks and I sigh "yes can we not make a big deal about it"  I say he looks at me "I'm just siprised you are really sweet, you seem like every guy would want to go out with you"  the bell rings. The curly haired boy sits up and I exit the classroom . I rush out of the classroom and Lindsay was there, I stand with her and glance  at Harry "Listen I know you might think I was mean before but I just..." he trails off and I cross my arms "You what Harry?" I rudley ask. "Nothing never mind." he mummbles and I shrug. "what was that all about?" Lindsay asks and I shrug "He is so confusing" I sigh and enter the lunch room. I grab the slop from the lunch buffet and sit down. I search for the curly haired boy, my eyes meet  his and he turns away almost annoyed that I was looking at him. "Harry told my that John was using me to get to you" Lindsay looks down "really?" she asks and I nod "yeah" she shrugs "he is probably jealous" she says with a smile. "Yeah you're probably right". The bell rings and school is over. I rush to my locker and grab my books. I walk out of the school and the sun is shining down over London. I squint at a tall boy and another boy fighting. I move behind the pine tree to get a better look. His green eyes make mine wide as I notice John being punched multiple times "I know your using her John" he punches him blood dripping from his purple knuckles. "Harry you don't know shit" John says punching him in the stomach. Harry grabs John's shirt and lifts him up against the brick wall "I swear to go if you hurt her I will finish you" he realses his grip and I rush out from the pine tree "what the hell?" I say and Harry's eyes widen "Harry what the fuck are you doing?" I look at John and then at Harry "You deserve better then this piece of shit" he spat and I jump back a little "why the hell were you beating him up?" I ask and John looks at me and whipes the blod from his nose. "Emily you don't realize that he doesn LIKE YOU he likes lindsay" I stare at John his face looks down "Is-this true?" I ask and he nods "Emily, I'm sorry" I laugh "alright" I say and leave the scene. "Emily wait" Harry yells but I just keep walking. Man do I feel like a total bitch for getting on Harry's case before. A strong hand turns me around and I face his sparkling green eyes hovering over me. "Harry why did you care in the first place?" I ask and he sighs "I know him, he is a player and I couldn't stand to see you get hurt" I look down "why do you care?" "I don't I just felt bad if you got your feelings hurt" he says avoiding the question. "alright Harry nice talking to you" I say and turn around I enter my car and grip the steering wheel. If Lindsay goes out with him I am going to run him over so hard with my car. whatever it's over now, we didn't even have one date wow thats a record I dated a guy for about three hours.

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