Teach me how to love

"I thought I couldn't fall in love again....that is until I met you"

Harry Styles is the new boy in school, he is mysterious, handsome, and has a rough life. Well one person can make his life go from hell to heaven, that person is Emily. She will teach Harry to love again and forget all of the memories holding him back. Do you think one person could change someones life forever? Enjoy the twisted, complecated story of Harry and Emily. "Love will have walls in the way..." he pauses and continues "but I will beat down the walls if I have to.. to keep what we have still alive" he whispers in my ear (teaser hehe)

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4. 4

    Harry's Pov: I watch her pull away and her car slowly drives away. I shove my hair back and punch my fists into the near by tree. My hand throbbing, Harry why do you care? She's nothing to you, but yet she effects you. I look at John "Styles this isn't over" he snarls and I laugh "good luck John but you won't win" I yell and he gets into his car. I walk backwards and turn around to my car. I slam the door shut and start the engine. It roars and I roll down the window. I notice the girl Emily is with all the time, "Hey" I say, she turns around and walks to the car. "Oh hi" she says smiling. "Um you're friends with Emily right?" I ask and she nods "Yeah why?" I lick my lips "Can I have her number?" I ask and she shrugs "I guess sure, give me you're phone" she smiles and types Emily's number into my phone. "Oh you're Lindsay right?" I shoot her a grin and she blushes. "yeah" she says and I smile "I'm Harry" she nods "I know Emily mentioned you a few times" she smiles and I feel my heart flutter. I shake my head Harry you're all ready falling. I look at Lindsay "Where does she live?" she hesitates for a moment and then say "um 56 Beck ridge lane, its right around the corner of the school" she points to the direction "thanks love" and I was about to roll up the window  but I wait "She mentions me in conversations?" shit Harry, why do you care? Now it sounds like I like her more then a friend. I don't even know if we are friends. I feel like disappearing I look at Lindsay and she smiles. "Yeah but don't get you're hopes up she finds you rude, mean, a jerk, and sometimes sweet" I shrug "well that's my personality" I put my sunglasses on and wave good bye and make my way towards her house. I look for the house numbers. It's a nice area considering I live in a pent house. I find house 56 and park in the street next to the curb. Her house is medium size, made out of stone. I step out of the car and lock the doors. I shove my hands in my jean pockets and kick a few rocks walking up to her stoop. I knock at her door and wait.


   Emily's Pov: I'm in the middle of watching boy meets world, Tapanga  and Corey's relationship is so cute. I hear a knock at the door and groan, I place the mint chocolate ice cream down on the coffee table and walk down the stairs. I scratch my head, my hair flows over my shoulders. I turn the knob and open the door. A boy with brown curly locks stands in the door frame, his smile spreads across his face and his dimples pop out. I examine him puzzled why he is here. "Nice place you got here" he says stepping into my house. "Um I'm sorry I thought I didn't invite you in" I sneer. Harry is looking around the house and I stand in front of him to interrupt his trance. "How do you know where I live?" I ask and he touches a vase "Don't touch that" I say and he walks around the living room. "I have my sources" he smirks and I follow him "Why are you here?" I ask and he turns to face me "I'm taking you somewhere" I laugh "Oh so you expect me to go with you?" he smiles "Yes I do" I roll my eyes "So where exactly are you taking me?"  Harry moves close to me hovering over me. A little smirk appears on his face, his eyes sparkle "It's a surprise." he raises his eyebrows and I roll my eyes. "I'm not going" I walk to the couch and sit down. "Listen go put something nice on and then we can talk" he sits next to me and I raise my eyebrows "You're not the boss of me" I cross my arms and he laughs "We can do this the hard way or the easy way" I look at him "what's the hard way?" I ask and he faces me and smiles "I change you" I hop off the couch and look at him "No way" I walk towards my room and close the door. I slide down and sit on the floor. Why are you letting him control you? I sigh and get up to my dresser. I grab a pair of jeans, and a Victoria secrete shirt from pink, it's black and says Pink on it. I slide on my Abercrombie flip flops an put a little bit of mascara on. I open the door and there stands Harry, "What the hell Harry" I yell and he grins "You didn't see.." he shakes his head "No worry love unless you want me to.." I push him out of the way "No thanks." He laughs his charismatic laugh and says "so we ready to go?" I shrug "I honestly don't want to go" Harry narrows his eyes at me "Just please make it easy don't push me" I laugh "I know you made me change but I just want to stay here" I sigh and begin to walk away. Harry's hand is on my shoulder a firm grip tightens on my shirt causing pain. "Let go of me" I say trying to pull Harry's hand off of me. "Harry let go" I say and his grip gets tighter. "Harry you're hurting me" I say and he lets go. I don't want to look but I turn around. He stares off "Lets go now" he mumbles and I follow. I get into his car and he slams his door. "You never told me where we are going" I mumble and he smirks "I thought I told you it was a surprise" he steps on the gas pedal making the car go faster. "Harry slow down" He pushes harder on the pedal "Harry you're going to get us fucking killed" I shout and he halts to a screeching stop. "You are unbelievable" I say Harry laughs "well you're quite stubborn" I look out the window "Why do you want to take me somewhere?" I can feel him staring at me. He sighs and I look at him, he smiles a little and then licks his lips. "I felt bead because no one has ever asked you out and you were so excited, I just thought I could make you feel better." he shrugs and I feel my heart flutters. "thanks but" I hesitate and look down at my nails. "But..." he says and I roll my eyes. "You know what never mind" I feel my face burn. "You can tell me" he says in a gentle voice. Just when you think he is nice he lashes at you. "You are sweet one moment and then you yell and you're rude at another."  We pull into what seems like a park. "That's my personality so get used to it" he once again says rudely.

    Harry gets out of the car and opens the door for me. I step out and a gust of wind blows my hair around. Harry opens the trunk and pulls out a picnic basket. "Harry you didn't have to do this, we could've just gone for ice cream or something."   he looks at me with no emotion. He brushes past me and walks towards these bushes. I follow him, I couldn't believe my eyes, it was beautiful. Green hills for miles, it was just an opened field. Harry goes towards the middle of the field and places a blanket down, which I didn't even see he had  with him. I walk towards the middle of the field and sit down on the blanket. Harry looks up at me and then strait ahead.

   Harry's Pov: I don't know if I like her or not, I definitely feel something between us. Harry stop it you can't . I look back to the day with Ashley, that day could never escape my mind. She's the reason I got the hell out of that town. My father is also one of the reasons and because of him me and my sister never talk to her after what happened. "Thanks Harry again" she says in her sweet voice. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders. It's a beautiful brown and her blue eyes, I could look into them for hours. "Oh no problem" smooth Harry real smooth. "So, you really haven't dated anyone?" I ask looking at her, the brown locks float in the wind and she looks down. "I'm not the girl every guy goes after, I'm not the most attractive and I'm pretty sure I don't exist to any guys they just go for the sluts". I look at her "I know you exist" I say and she laughs a little. "Yeah but you also hated me" she lays down in the grass. "I never said I hated you, I just don't open up to people" I lay down next to her. I put my hands behind my head and look at the light blue sky. "Why don't you open up to people?" she asks and I  sigh "My past" she smiles "go on.." I laugh "I'm not telling you anything" I sit up and she follows. "Why not?" she asks "I'm not just going to poor out my heart to a girl I only met a few days ago." she shrugs "Fine be that way, just push everyone away for the rest of your life." I hear her pick grass. "Listen it's none of your business, I can't tell you anyways." I start to raise my voice. she turns her head away a little and looks the other way. "If you knew what happened...." I trail off and she moves closer. "I would what Harry?" she says raising her voice a little "You wouldn't want to be with me ok" I sigh and push my hair back. "I'm not with you, we are just friends right?" she says and I feel something ache in my heart "Yeah, I don't care about you, I don't like getting close to people, I just did this because I felt bad for showing you the truth the hard way." I huff and she stares blankly into the field. "You've really got everyone fooled don't you Harry" she sighs and doesn't take her eyes off the grass. I stay silent, "You are probably sweet inside but just holding this image" she laughs and shakes her head. "Oh yeah? Well what about you? You don't have a secrete? What about that scar? You think you're not noticed by people. Well I noticed you and that takes a lot to be noticed by me."

   Emily's Pov: "oh should I get a medal?" I say with a quiver in my voice. "You're just like the rest of the guys, a jerk" I feel my eyes burn. "You really want to know why I have a scar?" I ask turning my head towards Harry, he looks at me. My eyes fill with tears but I hold them back. "My brother, used to beat me ok?" I sigh "He didn't take his meds that day and I was just there at a bad time, he through a glass cup on the floor and took the pieces and sliced me." I look at Harry's expression, blank. "So you happy? You found out about my scar." I laugh a tear trickles down my face. I quickly wipe it away. Harry's fists clench up, he breathes in and out and unclenches them. We sit in silence, the only noise is the tress rustling in the wind. I look down and then a hand wraps around my shoulder. I shake it off and put my hand on the blanket and look away. "You do that a lot" he whispers. "what?" I mumble. "Look away, look down or something" he says I feel him move closer. "Why?" he whispers and I shrug "I haven't gotten much attention from a guy before" I sigh and I feel his curls brush my cheeks. "Do I make you nervous?" he asks and I shrug "I don't know the whole violent thing scares me." I look at him. "I'm sorry, I just feel like I need to protect people" he sighs and looks at me. He moves a strand of hair out of my face I look into his eyes, emerald eyes but it could be hazel. My phone rings, great timing of course it's Lindsay.

  Harry's Pov: I feel my heart race looking into her eyes. Harry you can't, sometimes the heart makes up it's mind. I don't believe in Love, its a dangerous word. Saying you love someone is like a promise, you break the word Love you break someone else or you get broken. You hurt the people you love but is it worth it? I ask myself that question, If I hurt Emily I would never forgive myself. I stop thinking and look over at her, she is on the phone. "No it's not a date" she groans and  laughs. "wait you gave my address out?" she says "you bitch, well now I know my best friend gives  my address to random guys." she laughs "What am I a prostitute?" I can't help but smile at that comment. "Listen I gotta go see you later" she hangs up the phone. "So Mr. Styles I know who your source is" she smirks and I smile "So you found out" I play along and she bites her lip. I look at them and lick mine. "I never had a guy go through so much for me, I feel like someone paid you or you're on crack" I laugh a little "Why do you think I'm on crack?" I ask and she shrugs "Maybe I'm not use to this" I narrow my eyes at her "We aren't dating, I was just doing something for a friend. In school it's going to go back to you hating me" she shakes her head "Whatever you say Harry" the sun starts setting so I decide to take her home. We get into the car and start driving when I have an idea. "I want you to come some where with me" I smile and she laughs "Not this again please don't tell me it's a surprise." I laugh and look at her "I promise, I want you to come to a party." she looks at me "Who's?" I look towards the road "Josh Taylors party" she bites her lip "I don't go to party's really, and I hate him" I laugh "Come on do something fun, trust me." I look at her and she sighs. "I'll be bye your side, it will be fun" I say and she nods "Ok but not too late and you promise to take me home after?" she questions "Relax Em" Em, well that just slipped out but I kind of like it.


A/N: EXTRA LONG CHAPTER AH YOU'RE WELCOME. jk it took me 2 days to write this and I feel like I'm going to cry but comment! Tell me what ya think and stuff thanks.

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