Teach me how to love

"I thought I couldn't fall in love again....that is until I met you"

Harry Styles is the new boy in school, he is mysterious, handsome, and has a rough life. Well one person can make his life go from hell to heaven, that person is Emily. She will teach Harry to love again and forget all of the memories holding him back. Do you think one person could change someones life forever? Enjoy the twisted, complecated story of Harry and Emily. "Love will have walls in the way..." he pauses and continues "but I will beat down the walls if I have to.. to keep what we have still alive" he whispers in my ear (teaser hehe)

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1. Chapter 1


Emily's POV: I psuh my brown wavy hair back as I walk with my friend Lindsay in the hallway. "I'll see ya at lunch" I say with a grin on my face and walk into my biology class. I stare at the boy in the seat next to mine, his green eyes sparkle as they glance my way, his curly brown locks flip in different directions. I was a bit supriesed to see a boy sitting next to my seat, why was he there? I pull the chair out, the metal scraping on the cold tial floor. No emotion was shown on the boy, but just a faint smirk appeared. He is wearng a white v-neck and his biceps show where the sleve ends. "Class we have a new student, Harry Styles" Mr. Fender says pointing at my new lab partner. Harry obviously didn't want to be noticed, he hanged his head low trying to aviod any eye contact with anyone. I glance at Harry, he seemed too strong, his knuckles were bruised, I study his hands. Harry's hands clench up into fists, I knew I have been caught and shift my eyes towards the board. "You and your lab partner will examine plant cells and describe what they look like in detail, you must draw a picture as well" Mr.Fender says and passes out the microscopes. I grab the slides and fix them on the microscope, "so where are you from?" I ask Harry his elbows lean on the black table focusing the microscope. "Cheshire" he mumbles in a raspy voice. I press my lips together "Cool, so did you live there for a long time?" I ask his dark eyes glance up at me sending chills down my spine. "Yes, I did" he I nod "What made you move?" I ask and he huffs "It's really none of your buissness" he closes his eye looking through the microscope. "Oh well sorry for asking" I snap and glance at his bruised knuckles "what happened?" I ask "what do you mean?" he asks in his angelic voice. "Your knuckles, they are bruised" I whisper softly. "It's none of your buissness" he snarls and I jump back a bit, his hands changed to fists, which frightened me. My eyes travel back to my paper speachless from Harry's actions. I could pick him a part, he is viloent, that is one trait I know about him, well I assume. Harry slides the microscope over to me "now it's my turn to ask the questions" he smirks and leans back in his chair "Alright" I mumble and adjust the image. "Why are you getting into my buissness?" He asks and I hesitate , he frightened me. I was afraid he would snap, the way he almost did before. "I just wanted to keep the conversation going" I say and draw the image of the plant cell in my note book. "Why do you care?" he asks crossing his arms over his chest, his biceps more defind then before. "To-To be friendly" I say and he sits up "Why did you stutter?" he moves closer to me focusing his vison on my petrified face. "Answer me" he demands sending a huge heat wave through my bodie. I sit there speachless, I couldn't place the feeling into words his curls tickled my cheek as he moved away from my face knowing he wouldn't recieve an aswer. "Listen, if I come on too strong I'm sorry" he sighs I fix my head towards his face. "No, it's just that I'm trying to be nice and your pushing me away, and saying things in a frighting tone" I say and he looks down "Well the pushing away part" he laughs and continues "don't take it personally I push everyone away" I place my arm on the cool table "why?" I ask and he licks his lips "I just- never mind" he says and looks at the sun peering in through the window. "tell me" I say and he shakes his head "I'm not selling my feelings to someone I don't even know, I know you are probably trying to figure me out but it won't work. You will never crack me." He hisses I feel my palms get sweaty, I tried to look him in the eyes, but his words just stung. "Sorry" I mumble under my breath. Harry's gaze focuses on my hair, he tilts his head and brushes a piece behind my ear "Why do you have a scar?" he asks and I quickly slap his hand away and let my hair fall to it's natrual position "Just like you I don't have to share anything" I stare at him. The bell rings and I get up and let out a huge sigh. "Hey" Lindsay says, Harry walks out of the room licking his plump lips and stares at me with his eyes, killing me on the inside. He moves away from me and walks towards the lunch room. "whoa who's that" Lindsay asks "Harry Styles the new boy" I feel his name burn in my memory, that boy was mean, and aggresive. "he's hot" she smiles and licks her lips "He's mean, and aggreseive I thought he was going to slap me" I mumble and Lindsay laughs "Slap you? Really come on Em, he seems harmless" I shrug maybe to her he is harmless but to me he makes me twitch, and feel unwanted, like a waste of space. "I still don't like him" I whisper and we walk towards the lunch room. The students lined up to grab hot lunch and small chatter filled the room. I sit down at our table and stare at the curly haired boy at the far end. Harry's eyes conected with mine but I shifted my eyes towards Lindsay. I was eager to know what happened to his knuckles, and why they were so bruised. Something about Harry made me want to get closer with him.The bell rings and I jump out of my seat and head for the doors, a massive hand holds the door as I walk by. The tall figure stares at my presnece "um thanks" I say taking my eyes off his beautiful green ones. I walk to my locker and place the books I need and don't need for home work. "Hey um..." I turn around and face his lushes curls. "Emily" I say continueing his sentence "Emily, I'm sorry if I might have scared you early, I just loose my temper sometimes." he scratches his head which rustles his curls around. "It's fine, I get it you don't want to get personal" I say and slam my locker shut. "I just don't like opening up myself to someone I just met" he says coldly and I press my lips together "neither do I so you know how I feel when you asked about my scar" The word stabs my heart, turning back to that day. Harry looks down. There were no words at all just stares and our minds racing. "I'll see you in school tomorrow" I say and walk out of the school doors. I walk to my car door and open the black subaru. Harry raced through my mind he was I could think about at this moment. I swallow and turn the keys and press the pedal, the curly haired boy stepped into his volvo and started the endgine looking at me through the windshield. We went our seperate ways, thoughts of Harry ran through my mind.

Harry's POV: I drive away from the school and strait towards the gym, I step out of the car and walk in. "Hey joe" I say and place my boxing gloves on, this was my escape, I hit my feelings out. I feel really bad about pushing Emily away, she is really sweet and made my heart flutter. No Harry, you don't need another peice broken from your heart. The truth was I stopped falling in love, I got hurt by too many girls. I was afraid also that my temper would affect our relationship, what if I lashed out like I did... I can't even think of hurting anyone again. I punch go into push up form and get down, sweat drips from my curls as I press my chest down on the floor. My heart beats fast as Emily crosses my mind, Harry stop you don't want to hurt her. My head hurts from all this confusion building up inside of me. I will face her tomorrow, and talk to her instead of pushing her away.

A/n: chapter 1 guys what do you think? BE JEALOUS I AM TALKING TO HARRY STYLES COUISN ha ok got that out of the way comment and stuff feed back.

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