Always Remeber Me

NOTE***** This is a non famous fanfic!
Louis and Alyssa have been friends since they were 5. They lived next to eachother in Doncaster. But when she moved away, did Louis forget her? She returns and goes to find out.


2. What?!

Alyssa's Point: ~PRESENT~

As I'm driving back to Doncaster, my home town, all those memories came flowing back. I really missed Louis, and I never forgot him. That kiss stayed on my mind for a long time. Louis was my only friend, and I hoped he remembered me. I finally made it back to his house. I was shaking, I was nervous. I walked up the front steps, and knocked on the door. A curly haired boy answered the door. ''Oh I'm sorry.'' I apologized. ''I was looking for Louis.'' He gestured to come in. ''I'm Harry. This is Louis' house.'' I walked in and introduced myself. ''I'm Alyssa. He was my friend for a long, long time.'' Harry nodded and walked me into the den. There was Louis, all grown up. ''Louis.'' I said. He turned his head and gave me a confused look. ''It's Alyssa.'' I told him. He looked at me awhile and said, ''I'm sorry, who?'' I turned to Harry and pulled him to the bathroom. ''Why doesn't he remember me?'' I asked, confused. Harry took a deep breath. ''A few days ago, Louis was in an accident. He lost his memory completely.'' He sighed. ''I'm sorry.'' I just stared at him. ''But, how?'' I asked. Harry shrugged. A tear fell from my eye. ''He really doesn't remember me?'' Harry shook his head. I sat on the closed loo, cupping my hands over my face. Harry put a hand on my shoulder. ''I'm really sorry.'' he repeated. I looked up him, he knew how I felt. ''It's just, we were best friends. We met when we were 5. Then, I moved  when we were 16, promising to never forget him. And I didn't.'' I told Harry. ''I thought about him everyday. Then, I couldn't take it anymore. I packed and came here.'' I felt bad for dropping this on Harry. He took my hand, pulling me to Louis' room. ''Sit.'' he pointed to the bed. I obediently sat. Harry went into the closet, and came out with a box. ''These are photos and videos of you two. He kept them and looked at them everyday. He really cared.'' I was crying as he told me this. I took the box and looked through. Photos of everything we did. I found a video labeled, 'Alyssa's B-Day: 12' my 12th birthday. I saw a teardrop stain the photo. I put them back and sit there thinking. How much Louis cared.

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