Always Remeber Me

NOTE***** This is a non famous fanfic!
Louis and Alyssa have been friends since they were 5. They lived next to eachother in Doncaster. But when she moved away, did Louis forget her? She returns and goes to find out.


4. Trying

Alyssa's Point:

I lay down next to Louis, his hand in mine. Harry and I both say we're gonna help, but Louis has a look of doubt on his face. I turn to him and he faces me too. We lock eyes for a moment. Then, I get an idea. ''How about we watch some of those videos!'' Louis quickly sits up. ''That might work.'' he tells me. Harry rolls off the bed onto the floor, gets up and grabs a video. He puts it on the telly and Louis sits, watching. It's the one of my 12th birthday I looked at earlier.


I sit waiting for the cake to be brought out. The lights go off and my parents walk in. Them and Louis begin singing Happy Birthday. After, I blow out my candles, and Louis hugs me.


Harry shut off the t.v. Louis turns to me, ''Nothing yet.'' I look at him, ''What did I wish for?'' I ask him. He closes his eyes. ''I don't know.'' I sigh. ''What did I get.'' He thinks again. Suddenly, his eyes open. ''I remember one thing!'' he shout. ''I got you a scrapbook.'' I hug him. ''YES!!! The one I showed you!'' He looked so happy to remember that. He pushes me off. ''But that's all I know.'' I take his hand. ''That's fine. Don't push yourself.'' He smiles and hugs me. ''Thank you.'' he whispers in my ear. We sit like that for a moment, then, I remember Harry. He just stood there awkwardly. I move my arm, making a spot for him. He joins us. We just sit praising the moment.



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