Always Remeber Me

NOTE***** This is a non famous fanfic!
Louis and Alyssa have been friends since they were 5. They lived next to eachother in Doncaster. But when she moved away, did Louis forget her? She returns and goes to find out.


5. Progress

Louis' Point:

I can't believe I remembered that! I sat in shock as I let that information sink in. ''I-I did it.'' I stated, amazed. ''Lou, I'm so proud.'' Harry said. I saw tears running down Alyssa's face, ''I-I'm so happy!'' she yelled, embracing me once more. I kissed her cheek and she blushed. ''Thank you, so much.'' I repeat to her. ''Can we try again?'' I then ask. She nods and Harry puts in another tape.


I sit under the shade of a willow tree, Alyssa's head in my lap. ''It's so pretty Boo.'' she says. I smile, ''It is.'' Then, I pick up a dandelion and hand it to her. ''Make a wish.'' I tell her, and grab one myself. ''One, two, three!'' we blow the dandelion fluff away.


''Do you remember your wish?'' Alyssa asks me. I shake my head. ''Did you call me Boo a lot?'' I ask. She nods, ''You loved it.'' I smile. Boo. It's cute. ''I wished to be friends with you forever.'' she tells me. I gasp, ''I remember! I wished to remember that moment forever!'' I shout. ''You did, you told me!'' Alyssa shouts. I hug her and Harry and we jump around for a while. Then Harry goes off the the loo. I sit next to Alyssa, ''Thank you.'' I repeat again. She smiles and I tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. Then, I lean in close, and kiss her. ''I remember one last thing.'' I whisper. ''What'' she asks. I take her hand as I tell her. ''I called you Ally'' She smiles, 'You did.'' Then she wraps her arms around my neck, ''I'm so proud.'' she whispers, choking up. ''I know it'll all come back soon.'' I smile, knowing with her help, it will.




Sorry it's so short. I'm tired, because I couldn't sleep last night! Love ya guys! Peace out!

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