Always Remeber Me

NOTE***** This is a non famous fanfic!
Louis and Alyssa have been friends since they were 5. They lived next to eachother in Doncaster. But when she moved away, did Louis forget her? She returns and goes to find out.


3. I Wish

Louis' Point:

The girl walked in claiming to be my friend. I didn't know who she was. Harry quickly pulled her away. I turned my attention back to the telly. I saw them walk to my room. I got up and followed. I could hear the girl crying. I opened the door and walked in. I saw her and Harry holding photos. Harry said they were of me. "Louis.'' the girl said. I walked and sat next to her. She was holding a picture. ''Who are they?'' I asked. She pointed to a boy, ''You'' she told me. Then to a girl. ''Me'' I looked at it. Me and her were standing next to each other in matching football jerseys. I had my arm around her shoulder. ''When was that?'' I asked. ''It was when we were 12 and we won the championship.'' She told me. I smiled, thinking of happy we must've felt. ''What's your name and when did we meet?'' I asked. She tucked her hair behind her ear as she told me. ''My name's Alyssa. We were next door neighbours. We met when we were 5.'' I tried to remember that, but I couldn't. ''When did we split?'' I was curious. She answered. ''I moved, when I was 16. I came back to see you.'' I felt sad that we were so close, but I couldn't remember anything about her. ''So you really can't remember anything?'' she asked, inturrupting my thoughts. I shook my head, ''I wish. It sounds like we had a lot of fun.'' She nodded and I could tell she was holding back tears. I pulled her into a hug. Harry walked over and joined. I felt her tears stain my shoulder and she cried. Then ,she suddenly pulled away. ''What's wrong?'' I ask. She runs out and I hear her car door open and close. Then, she returns with a scrapbook. ''I think this could help.'' she tells us. I open it, look at the pictures and close it. Nothing. I sighed and lay down on the bed, closing my eyes. I feel the bed sink on my right and left. I open my eyes and see Harry and Alyssa next to me. Alyssa grabs my hand and squeezes it tightly. ''I'm gonna help.'' she whispers. I answer with, ''I believe you.'' Harry takes my other hand, ''You'll remember her, I know it.'' he whispers. They have so much faith in me, yet I don't think I can do it. I don't think I can remember anything.

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