Run away

A girl named Alisa lived in England, she had never got to do anything but chores and wait on her father that treated her very badly. Read to see what happens next.


1. Getting ready

I woke up, from inside my card board box. It was so uncomfortable, my back ached all the time. "Ugh, what time is it?" I said to my self. I got out of my so called bed and looked at the clock. "WHAT!? It's noon already? My dad will be coming soon! I know he's going to yell at me, so I best be getting the dishes done." I walked to the kitchen & got the pots and plates. I went to the sink and I slipped on water and fell on my back. "SHOOT!" I said. Good thing I broke the dishes fall, or their would have been glass everywhere. After that I quickly got the dishes done, dried them off and put them away. "Okey, what do I do know?" I said to myself. I looked around to see if there was anything to do or put away. "Well I guess I'm all done. He's going to be home soon" I sighed. "maybe I should check on Max." So I went up through the laundry shaft on the balcony. That's how I get to see him. "Max where are you? You can come out boy." He shot out at me and pushed me over. "Oh, there you are." I hugged him. I sighed. He looked at me as if he was saying what was wrong. "It's just that your the only friend I have now. All my other friends hate me, and I don't know why" Max looked up at me. "Well I just came up here to check on you so um I guess i'll see you tomorrow right boy?" He barked as if he was saying yes to me. I love my pet I don't know what I would do with out him. I kissed him and went back down the laundry shaft. When I was down in the living room I said to my self. "I wonder if I should get something to eat for my dad when he comes home." I got a plate and thought to myself "He will be so happy." I got some strawberry ice cream, bananas, nuts, and a cherry. I made a banana split with nuts, his favorite. "Man, it looks so good! with the soft creamy ice cream, the fresh bananas, the nice crunchy nuts and especially the red shiny cherry on top. NO." I stopped myself. "I can't eat it." I placed it on the kitchen table and waited him to come home.

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