Run away

A girl named Alisa lived in England, she had never got to do anything but chores and wait on her father that treated her very badly. Read to see what happens next.


2. An unpleasant welcome

I had put the banana split in the freezer by this time so it wouldn't melt. After about 20 mins later he came home. "Ugh, finally home at last. I had the most terrible day." He had pushed me on the floor as he walked past me. "ouch." I mumbled "So what's wrong this time at work?" I questioned. "Don't YOU ask me whats wrong." He grabbed me. "Hey, ouch!" He dragged me up to my room and threw me on the floor. "I would think you would get used to this by now!" my father shouted. I got up off the floor. "It's just you do this every night, would you stop it!!!" I shouted back. Silence. He came stomping back and threw me across the room. He ran up to me and yelled "DON'T YOU EVER SAY THAT EVER AGAIN!!!!" He walked out of the room and into his room. I was sick and tired of him treating me this way. So I grabbed some clothes, a couple other things and put them into my backpack. I quickly went up to the balcony to get Max and get us out of here but quiet enough so that my dad wouldn't hear us. I told Max to try to be as quiet as possible. "Alright, c'mon max." I whispered. I tip-toed to the window I opened the window, I heard a creek. I stopped just for a second then I kept on inching one at a time hoping my dad wouldn't hear, it was wide enough that max and I could slip through. Max jumped out with out making any sound next was me, I took a look at the house one more time then just as soon as I closed the window I heard my dad. "HEY COME BACK HERE!!!!!" he shouted. I ran, and ran, and ran......

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