What You Mean To Me

Sam was your ordinary girl. Kind of a hopeless romantic type girl. She had plenty of boyfriends in her past, but all of them broke her heart. She didn't have a great, big relationship like she thought would happen. All those fairy tales taught her wrong. But then Harry came along. She had a slight crush on him, but because of all of her painful relationships in the past, she didn't tell a single person. But when the two become the best of friends, she might as well tell him. Best friends tell each other everything, right?


1. -Really Small Preview-

"Sam!" he shouts, jumping on top of my back. I make a small "oof" type sound. This boy's pretty heavy!

"Get off me, fatty!" I joke, trying to push him off me. It was no use since this guy's super strong. 

He makes a fake gasp and hits the side of my head softly. "Shut up!"

"Ow! What the fuck?" I shout, finally pushing him off me. I guess I'm pretty strong myself. 

He laughs as he hits the floor, also making a grunting noise. I smile down at him. His dimples pop out as he smiles back at me. I feel his warm hand grab onto my left arm, pulling me down on top of him. I laugh out loud before I stare in his emerald green eyes. They sparkled as he smiles at me. Oh, how I wish this boy could be mine. 

-END OF PREVIEW- (Told you it was really small. ._.) 

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