What You Mean To Me

Sam was your ordinary girl. Kind of a hopeless romantic type girl. She had plenty of boyfriends in her past, but all of them broke her heart. She didn't have a great, big relationship like she thought would happen. All those fairy tales taught her wrong. But then Harry came along. She had a slight crush on him, but because of all of her painful relationships in the past, she didn't tell a single person. But when the two become the best of friends, she might as well tell him. Best friends tell each other everything, right?


3. Chapter 2

After school, I went out to the front of the school since I was meeting Harry. I looked around and spotted Harry with Taylor. Of course. I walk over there quickly with a fake smile on my face. "Hey, Harry," I said sweetly before looking at Taylor. "Taylor," I scoffed. She gave me a dirty look before turning back to Harry. 

"So, we're meeting tonight at the park, right?" she asked him. My heart stopped. She asked him out? Or did he ask her? Oh my god, fuck my life! This bitch keeps stealing all the guys I like! 

"Uhm, sure," Harry mutters softly, sounding unsure about his answer. I smirk at how his face looks scared. He's scared of her. I'm happy because it means he won't go out with her again. 

"Great. See you then," she says sweetly. "Bye, loser." She looks over at me as she says that before looking away and walking the other way. 

"Bitch," I mumbled. I heard a small chuckle somewhere and looked at Harry. He had a huge smile on his face. "What?"

"Do you like, hate her or something?" he asked, still sort of chuckling.

I looked over at Taylor who was flirting with another guy. I scoff, "Of course I do. I mean, look at her." I point at her twirling her blonde hair at the jock in front of her. "She flirts with everyone. Promise me you won't go to the park with her tonight, please?"

"I wasn't planning on going anyways," he says angrily as he watches her flirt with the jock. 

"You okay, there?" I asked, concerned. 

He looks at me, confused. Realizing why I asked, he calms down and nods. "Yeah. I'm great."

"Now, where are we going, Curly?"

                                                                -At A Coffee Shop- 

"Are you serious?" I asked him, laughing. 

"Yeah, my mom actually said that in front of my friends. Don't laugh, it's not funny! It's humiliating," he says, pouting, only making me laugh more. 

"I'm sorry," I stutter out, still laughing. 

All of a sudden, I hear the bell from the door of the coffee-shop ring. I look over at it and see Taylor walk in. Great, just great. 

"Harry?" she says in a cheery voice. She runs up to our table and hugs him like she hasn't seen him in forever. "Hi!" 

"Uh, hi?" Harry mutters, looking at me with a what-the-hell face. I just shrug and drink some of my coffee. 

"What are you doing here?" she asks him. What kind of question is that? He's in a coffee shop, what do you think he's doing? Hunting fucking elephants? 

"Drinking coffee with Sam," he tells her in a low voice. 

"Sam?" she giggles before looking at me. I wave at her with a fake smile just to annoy her. "Her?" She sounds disgusted with the fact that he's with me. "Why?"

"She's my new friend," he explains. My heart breaks. I'm just a friend, accept that, Sam. 

"Friend? Why do you wanna be friends with a freak like her? Niall told me she cuts herself," she tells him in a whispering-like voice. My mouth goes wide open as tears formed in my eyes. He promised he wouldn't tell anyone. That's why people give me dirty looks? That dick! Now everyone knows my secret. Even Harry does. I get up from my seat quickly and run to the bathroom. 

"Sam?" I heard Harry call. "Good job, Taylor." I heard footsteps behind me as I pushed my back up against a wall. I looked over next to me and saw Harry with a sad face. "Oh Sam.."

I sniff and look down. "Go away. I know you hate me now, you think I'm a freak just like everyone else does. You think I'm an idiot, you think I'm a suicidal freak. Just go away, Harry."

He grabs onto my wrist gently. "Sam, I don't hate you or think of you like that. I think of you as that awesome girl that I met in the hallways at school, my friend, maybe even my best friend. Just don't do it again. Promise?"

I smiled and hugged him tightly. "Promise."


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