What You Mean To Me

Sam was your ordinary girl. Kind of a hopeless romantic type girl. She had plenty of boyfriends in her past, but all of them broke her heart. She didn't have a great, big relationship like she thought would happen. All those fairy tales taught her wrong. But then Harry came along. She had a slight crush on him, but because of all of her painful relationships in the past, she didn't tell a single person. But when the two become the best of friends, she might as well tell him. Best friends tell each other everything, right?


2. Chapter 1

                                                                     Sam's POV

I stood inside the middle of the school hallways, holding onto my books tightly, looking around. Where's Science class? I thought it was over here. Man, do I feel stupid. I feel someone bump into me and I look over at who it was. 

"Move over, loser!" Niall yells in my face, pushing his way past me. I groan and watch him walk away. He used to be the love of my life a month ago. Well, that is until he cheated on me with Taylor, the slut of the school. Whenever I got a boy, she takes him. Whenever I asked a guy to the dance, they say they're going with her. Whenever I like a guy, she dates them. Let's just say, she's my worst enemy. 

I walked through the hallways with a bit of sass in my walk so no one would try to mess with me. I kept looking at the people I pass, seeing all the dirty looks on their faces. Everyone hates me, but I'm used to it. I used to be the bitch of the school and now I'm the nerd and bitch since I happened to get straight A's in one class. Some people even come up to me to see if I can help them with homework. I hate being a smart-ass. 

"Excuse me?" someone mutters, poking my shoulder. I turn to look at two green orbs staring down at me. I get lost in them for a few seconds but look at the rest of him. His face was so beautiful. I feel stupid for saying that but it's true. 

"What do you want, Curly?" I asked politely. I didn't want to be rude to a hot guy like him. 

"Can you tell me where Science Class is? I'm new to this school."

I smile sweetly, "I'm going there to. Want me to walk you there?"

He smiles back, making dimples pop out. "Sure."

As the bell rings, me and Curly start walking to Science. I keep staring at his beautiful face the whole entire time. It was hard not to. "Having fun there?" he asks, laughing slightly. I snap out of it and giggle. 

"Sorry about that."

"It's okay. Oh, I almost forgot. I'm Harry. Harry Styles," he says, smiling widely. 

"I'm Sam," I tell him. "But my actual name is Samantha. I hate that name so just call me Sam."

He throws his head back slightly and laughed before looking at me. "You didn't have to tell me that last part, but okay."

I laughed slightly and continued to look at him. "Sorry," I said, kind of drifting off into a small daydream while looking at him. Just think if those lips were on mine. Wait.. Stop it, Sam! I look behind Harry and see Taylor's blonde straight hair going behind a wall. She was spying. I think she might want to go after Harry now. Oh god no. 

"Harry," I said, looking back at him. He looks at me with a big smile that makes me smile myself. "Wanna go hang out today after school? You seem like a nice guy." 

"Alright! I'll meet you outside the school, okay?"


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