Awesomest Competition Ever!

Think that your writing skills are not appreciated? Generally bored by writing and want to show off with something new? Well, this is the competition for you!
We (IceCreamGirl and Chetna) are running a competition, with prizes! You can win critiques, fans and faves, just by entering! Or just do it for the fun of it! So, have a look below for all the details.


3. The Winners!

So, after reading all the entries (and we promise that we did), we have come to a final conclusion. We'd like to say now, rather cheesily, that we thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your entries and are so glad that you took the time and effort to enter.

Anyway, onto the winners.

In first place, is Sakura with Sleeping Beauty. 

In second, is BlueBooks with Patience.

And in third, is Kierstinnn with Last Thought.

But every single entry was dramatic, creative and amazingly written! Although this wasn't brilliantly popular, I think we can all agree that it was the Awesomest Competition ever to ever be held on Movellas.

So, just comment below to collect your prizes! (apologies if we are already a fan of you) If you don't reply (presumably you have misplaced the email) then we'll contact you on your blog.

Keep writing and stay awesome,

Chetna and IceCreamGirl.

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