Awesomest Competition Ever!

Think that your writing skills are not appreciated? Generally bored by writing and want to show off with something new? Well, this is the competition for you!
We (IceCreamGirl and Chetna) are running a competition, with prizes! You can win critiques, fans and faves, just by entering! Or just do it for the fun of it! So, have a look below for all the details.


1. 'Awesomest' Competition Ever!

Hey folks!

You're hearing from Chetna and IceCreamGirl about the 'awesomest' (is that a word?) competition ever to held on this website!

Okay, sure, the Movellas authorities don't have anything to do with it...but since the two of us do, it's bound to be awesome - isn't it?

What's this all about?

Alright, we'll tell you. Looking for something fun to do? Your writing skills lacking the opportunities they need? Feeling like you haven't been recognised on this website yet and looking for a way to prove your talent? We're giving you the chance you need.

What will I have to do?

Come up with a short story. It should be between 1000-2000 words in length, but mind you, it can't go beyond that. It's meant to be a SHORT story, after all. Two or three words over is fine though!

That's all fine, but what genre should my short story be?

It can be absolutely any genre you like. Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy....your call. All we're asking is that you stick to the word limit.

Okay, what will I have to write about?

Aha - for your aid, we've come up with two prompt lines. 
It's important that you start your short story with any one of these two prompt lines, but that's all we're making compulsory. The rest of the story can spin any way you want it to! 

What are these two prompt lines, pray?

Ooh, yeah, we had fun brainstorming for the perfect prompt lines to offer to you guys. Here they are -

"I stare at the old family photograph, wondering what the hell happened to us - how did my world turn upside down?"


"My condition had always scared people. How I acted, how I looked. I couldn't give a damn though. But this was the first time it had ever scared me."

How much time do I have to write this short story?

The last date to send your entries in is the 2nd of February. That's just 3 weeks away so make sure you manage to get your entries in really soon.

How do I enter?

It's simple - all you have to do is post a link to the Movella you wish to enter on the comments section below.

Alright, enough about what I'll have to do. Let's talk about the prizes...

Okay, okay! So we're gonna choose 3 winning entries on the basis of creativity, use of language and imaginative skills. Although grammar and spelling aren't paramount, it will give you much more chance of winning if it is good. Likes and favourites will help us create shortlists but we assure you that every entry will be read by the two of us and at the end of the day, likes and favourites will not matter when we choose the actual winners.

Your prizes are going to be like this -

1st Prize - The winning entry gets a like, a favourite and a fan from each of us, that is, Chetna and IceCreamGirl. We will also be doing a detailed critique from each of us plus a spell/typo/grammar check (you know how handy they can be).  

2nd and 3rd Prize - The two runners-up get a like, a favourite, and also a critique from each of us. 

Cool, anything else I need to know?

Just get your awesome creative skills working and write an awesome entry to the Awesomest Competition Ever. We can't wait to read what you come up with!

Good luck and stay awesome!

Awesome love from,
Chetna and IceCreamGirl

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