Big Hearted (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Parents Died, 5 Younger siblings, small apartment, nice job, hidden talent, YouTube, and a party.
19 year old Jennavive Peirce has a tough life and one day goes to a party and meets Harry Styles! She is also reunited with her old school crush befor ehe was famous, Louis Tomlinson. What will happen along in the adventure? James? Who is he really to Jenna?
Find out everything in Big Hearted!


11. Chapter 9


Chapter 9



----James’ POV----


Does she know? Right now shes singing our song to me, a song she made when she was 7. Whenever im mad or sad or anything no one and I mean NO ONE can calm me down or make me happy but Vivi. Just being around her makes me a little calmer but when she sings our song ‘Take A Bow’ then I coold off and am fine.


I constantly tell her to audition for The Voice but she constantly says no. I look up after my thoughts to see her yelling at Harry and kicking him in the kiwi’s, Ouch. He whispered off and she returned to me. 

“I know that I am your, well I’m confused.”

“Confused on what, love?”

“When I see you, I see a tad bit of me, when your hurt I want to hurt whoever hurt you, I feel the need to keep you safe, safer then my siblings. I know it doesn’t make sense but… oh never mind it impossib”


I cut her off.


“It’s not impossible, your right. Your my Mum”

“So I wasn’t dreaming?”


“Every night I dream you as a child, my child.”

“It’s true”

“But how?” 

“I take pills that make me older”

“Why didn’t anyone say anything?”

“Here’s the story…”



“When you were asleep for a year, you gained an illness. In your erm… VJJ… and well it made you ‘Pregnant’ you then had me after only 3 months or being pregnant. You woke up and held me, looked into my eyes and said that you would always love me and protect me that you loved me and you were sorry. You and your mum decided to get me pills to make me older, and to make you lose the memory. 


I remember you words to me, you took care of me for the first year before you did what you did, for your own good. You were brave. Since your pills made you forget everything I gained what you forgot, I gained what you said as I was born, from the moment you went to a coma to hwen you got the pills, I took the memories. And now I can tell everything your thinking when I want. You don’t know how long I have waited for my mum.


Always telling you that we have to hang out at your house, lying to you when I just wanted you to care for me like everyone else’s mum’s. I waited.

If I stop taking the pills for a week I got back to the age I would be. 6 years of age, I would still have all the memories from growing with you. Viv I want you to be my mum again.” I claimed


“I never stopped *hug* I love you so much” 

“I love you too” I replied

“How is this gonna work? When you go young I will have to watch another child and we have no money already”


I smiled. She wants me as her kid now. :DDDDDDDDD

I replied with, “Your mum payed 5 million dollars for a life time of pills, I have used less then a million so far. We can return the pills and you, will be rich”


She grew a smile and said “Let’s return all the pills and you be my little boy I have been waiting for!”


I hugged her tight.(:



----Louis’ POV----


Harry walked in crying and holding his nuts. I ran to him and hugged him.

( Harry , Louis )

“She kicked me”



“You saw her?” A pang of jealousy hit me hard.

“Yup well I went to her but found James then he told me to stay away so I punched him. Turns out she was behind us and she ran to him, sang him a song she wrote. She’s an amazing singer! And then after she helped him she came called me an asswhole, told me to leave, and kicked my balls.”


I dropped the hug.


“Asswhole” I muttered and walked back to my room.



I can’t believe he would do that to James! And VIV!!!

Wait Lou, wait…..


She hates him so that gives me a more open shot! Bingoooooo

But she hates me too.



----Mace’s POV----


Jenna hasn’t been home for hours. The rug rats are annoying me so I can’t do my work! Where is she?!


----Jenna’s POV-----


James and I drove to the hospital both with grains on our faces. We pulled up and I literally ran in with James hot on my tail.

“Hi there, I’m Jennavive Peirce and I’m here about my son’s pills”

“Hi there, let me just look you up” the lady behind the counter said.

Click click click!


This= Viv, This= Lady )


“Ahhh here we are! Yes the growing pills what can I do for ya?”

“Umm can I get a refund? I have the pills here” I said placing them on the counter.

“Of course!” she pulled out a weigh thing and set them down on it, she put the pills in a cupboard.


“You get 4.6 million dollars back”

“Thanks!” I said grabbing the money and shoving the wad into my huge wallet.

James already looked a bit shorter.


“Seeya in a week! I’m gonna stay at home for the week of the change” he said, I nodded hugging him.


I went home and told everyone the news! They all screamed of joy! I grabbed my laptop and began to search for new homes. There’s one down in this big open field, It’s fenced off with big 10 ft tall gates and a gate entrance even with a code! The yard was a beautiful green with lovely flowers.


It had a nice fountain, a pool, hot tub, and trampoline in the backyard.

List of stuff:

9 bedrooms,

6 of them smaller than 2 others, and one huge master room. MINE,

A BIG living room and kitchen,

A Hang out room,

8 Bathrooms, each room had a bathroom attached and the masters was HUMUNGOOOOOO

Loving this thing

There was so much more!

I looked at the price. In my budget!


I bought it.

Plus it came with furniture already in it! It was as if it was made for me because…

Huge master room= For a girl, you can tell

2 rooms= little girl ish

3 rooms= normal boy

1 room= teen boy

And then the guest rooms were normal

YAYA! I packed all my stuff in my room, leaving the furniture that came with the place, I finished packing in 20 minutes, and the room was bare. I had 5 suite cases full of tons of things, not all just mine but some everyone’s.


I walked out and gave everyone 2 suite cases and they all headed to their rooms and packed everything, not knowing what for yet. I packed the kitchen in 30 minutes then moved to the living room which took an hour because of all our stuff was basically in there. I packed the bathrooms and then they all came out done. 

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