Big Hearted (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Parents Died, 5 Younger siblings, small apartment, nice job, hidden talent, YouTube, and a party.
19 year old Jennavive Peirce has a tough life and one day goes to a party and meets Harry Styles! She is also reunited with her old school crush befor ehe was famous, Louis Tomlinson. What will happen along in the adventure? James? Who is he really to Jenna?
Find out everything in Big Hearted!


10. Chapter 8


Chapter 8




----Louis’ POV----



I miss her.

Jennavive always made me happy, but I haven’t spoken to her since the ‘incident.’ Everyone can tell I’m out of it, Harry is too…. For the same reason…





 And no one loves me.


----Harry’s POV----


I have been so upset these past 2 weeks.

It has been 2 weeks since I saw her lovely face, I miss her, and how do I find her?

Then it hit me!

She said she works at Jack Wills on all days but Saturday! BINGOOOOOOOOO


I got off my bed for the first time in days and stripped from my clothes. I walked into the shower and let the heat rinse my body. I washed my thick curls with a ton of shampoo and conditioner. I stepped out; put a towel on my waist, and on my head. Yes on my head… GUYS CAN TOO OK?!


I slid on some black skinny jeans and a red t-shirt, I then put on my dark blue blazer and some dog tags. I dried my hair and ruffled it then grabbed my wallet, phone, and car keys. I walked out and saw all faces but Louis’ all shocked that I came out. I grabbed a banana and left, not saying a word.


I hopped in my car and drove to the mall… Jack Wills here I come!


And more importantly,




----Jennavive’s POV----


Four weeks.


Four weeks since I saw Harry

Four weeks since I saw James

Four weeks since I saw...




Damn it! I never can hold any type of relationship! I think James hates me and I was really worried about him, like REALLY worried. He never would go more then a day not to talk to me or see me! I had this weird feeling with Jamie (James) like I was always in charge and he was my son, you know the mother feeling? Where you’re super protective? That’s me with James.


I also missed Harry and Lou but I’m worried about James right now.


I skipped work today to take care of Joevon because he has a cold, poor lad.



____Recap of what happened in the last four weeks that weren’t shown____


(Day 1 after the Louis incident)

*Took care of kids

*Went to work

*James wasn’t there

(Day 2)

Made cereal, went shopping, saw magazine with the boys on it and quickly walked past, went to work, worked, got hit on my some jock and gave him my number after he asked, came home, slept.


For the next 10 days went by fast with work, taking care of kids, sleeping, cleaning.


(Day 12)

Joe got sick today, luckily they took online school right?

Yeah. Jock boy I think… Liam? Still has not called me! He looked oddly familiar though. WEIRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD hahahahahaha yea. Well I took work off for today tomorrow and the next day sooooo I’m bored.


At the moment I’m playing Uno with all the kids including Joevon when my cell rings!


Settle down with me

Cover me up

Cuddle me in

Lie down with me

Hold me in your arms


I can’t find the damn phone!


Your heart's against my chest

Lips pressed to my neck

I've fallen for your eyes

But they don't know me yet


And the feeling I forget

I'm in love now


Kiss me like you wanna be loved

Wanna be lov-



This is Liam, This is Jenna )


“Hello? Jenna speaking”

“Jenna? Hey this is Liam, from erm Jack Wills a week or so ago?”

“Oh yeah Hi”


“Ummm you called???”

“Oh yes right, sorry”

“It’s okay…”

“Are you busy?”

“Uh huh, I’m watching my siblings and can’t leave because Joe is sick”


(Liam doesn’t know she’s the girl from the party”


“Oh okay, you free this Saturday?”

“Sure am”


(It’s Wednesday)


“Wanna come over?”


“Okay I will text you the address, and details!”

“Okay LeeLee bye”

“Bye Viv”


He MOFO Called!!!!!! Yaya *Danced around in kitchen* “Sissy you ok?” Tammy’s voice filled my ears, “Heck Yeah hun!” I screamed picking her up and continue dancing. Life is getting a bit better.



----Liam’s POV----


HELL YES MAN!!!! I ran around the house screaming like Louis after having a bowl of carrot ice cream! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!

The boys came rushing down to see my outburst.

“Watcha doen?” Zayn said


“I see that, why though?” Harry now spoke

“I got a date with a hot babe!”

“Nice man! She coming over here to hang out?” Louis says


They nodded and walked away as I settled down.


____END OF RECAP____



----Harry’s POV----



I walked in Jack Wills and saw James standing there, man he looks a lot like Viv.

“Hey James

“Hey…. Henry?”


“What can I do you for Harry?”

“Have you seen Vivi?”

James grin turned to a frown

“Not in about 4 weeks no”

“Wow I thought you were best friends?”

“Yup she’s my ‘Friend’” He sounded sad as he said that.

Does he like her?

“Do you like her? You know.. Like Like?”

His face showed horror


“Then why the change in mood?”

“I can’t tell you, I can’t tell anyone”




“Wait harry” he stopped me as I was leaving. “Hmm?”

“I don’t trust you with my Jenna.”

“Your Jenna?”

I raised an Eyebrow

“Yes. My. Jenna”

That got me mad so I came at him!

I punched his jaw and he feel to the floor, I then heard an ear piercing scream!

James isn’t fighting back but now there’s someone running past me to him.

Who is she?

“James, Jamie! Are you okay! I miss you so much and then I come to try and find you and you get punched by a douche bag! Oh no sweetie let me help you” She said with tears brimming her eyes…

Those eyes…



She got up and got him ice from the brake room; she placed it on his jaw and stroked his cheek like my mum would do. I heard her sing soothing words



(A-   Okay if you want play Take a bow by Rihanna for this part!

Please pretend she made this song?)



Oh, how about a round of applause?

Yeah, standing ovation? Ooh, oh yeah

Yeah y-yeah yeah


You look so dumb right now

Standing outside my house

Trying to apologize

You’re so ugly when you cry

Please, just cut it out


Don’t tell me you’re sorry 'cause you’re not

And baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught


But you put on quite a show, really had me going

But now it’s time to go, curtain’s finally closing

That was quite a show, very entertaining

But it’s over now

(But it’s over now)

Go on and take a bow


Grab your clothes and get gone

You better hurry up before the sprinklers come on

Talking’ 'bout, “Girl, I love you," "You’re the one"

This just looks like a rerun

Please, what else is on?


Don’t tell me you’re sorry 'cause you’re not

And baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught


But you put on quite a show, really had me going

But now it’s time to go, curtain’s finally closing

That was quite a show, very entertaining

But it’s over now

(But it’s over now)

Go on and take a bow


Oh, and the award for the best liar goes to you

(Goes to you)

For making me believe that you could be faithful to me

Let's hear your speech out


How about a round of applause?

A standing ovation?


But you put on quite a show, really had me going

Now it’s time to go, curtain’s finally closing

That was quite a show, very entertaining

But it’s over now

(But it’s over now)

Go on and take a bow

But it's over now


Damn that girl can sing! I was memorized by her voice that I just stood there watching her and James, I felt jealous.


She stroked his face, hair and stared into his eyes as she sang the whole song, she was sat by him throughout it all and her eyes showed something, Hope, Love, Care, Braveness, Knowing, Mesmerized, and Realization.

Had she fallen in Love?


She finished her song that I’d never heard before, did she write it?


She then stopped, and turned to me, hate in her eyes.



----Jennavive’s POV----


I just finished comforting James, ever since we were young whenever he would be hurt I would sing to him that very song, I wrote it when I was 7, after my ‘BoyFriend’ cheated on me. I then performed it in the talent show and said it was to him. That’s how I became popular at the time.


I turned to see who had hurt my baby,




I got up and walked to him. (This is her, this is Harry)

“You asswhole!”


“You hit James! You asswhole!”

I stepped closer to him.

“I-I’m sorry?”

“No your not. You’re an Asswhole”

“Please stope calling me that”

“Once you stop being one Harry”

He looked shocked that I remember his name.

“I’m not and you dare speak to me that way”

“Using the fame card are we? Well here we don’t stand for that and you know what people round’ here get for it?


“This! You asswhole!”

I kneed him in the no no square. That felt nice to hurt him. He hurt my Jamie!


“Damn right ‘Oww’”

“Now get out of my store before I call security”

He scampered off. Well done Jen, Well done.


I then walked back to James as he high-fived me.

I then spoke

“James I know.”

“Know what?” He replied

“After that moment we had, I saw it. In your eyes…”

He waited for me to continue

“I Know that I am your –“






HEHE! Still love me please?

Love Kels xx.

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