Big Hearted (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Parents Died, 5 Younger siblings, small apartment, nice job, hidden talent, YouTube, and a party.
19 year old Jennavive Peirce has a tough life and one day goes to a party and meets Harry Styles! She is also reunited with her old school crush befor ehe was famous, Louis Tomlinson. What will happen along in the adventure? James? Who is he really to Jenna?
Find out everything in Big Hearted!


9. Chapter 7


Chapter 7


----Jennavive’s POV----



I woke up next to someone on the couch in the break room.

I looked under the blanket hoping I’m still clothed.

Good I am

I look next to me

I see…

No one

Oh wait… I remember last night now.  

And my heart still hurts.







This felt MUCH more than right!


Louis had pinned me on the couch and is kissing the living hell out of me, god he’s a good kisser. Louis licks my bottom lip begging for entrance but I decide to tease him and keep my mouth closed. I feel him grin mischievously as his hands leave my face where he once had cupped it. He brought him hand down to my thigh a squeeze it tightly just below my hips, I moan. Bad move! Great now he has entered your mouth! Now you can’t back out of this make out session! Shut it mind!


He explored my mouth with his tongue and deepened the kiss more by pulling my waist to his. I felt a presence poking my thigh! OMG hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaha his ‘little friend’ came to visit! I giggled into the kiss which only made him kiss me harder.


We split, out of breath.

He cupped my face in his hands and gently kissed me before sitting up, straightening his shirt, and walking away.






My chest hurt; there was an aching pain in my heart.


He made out with me.

Kissed me like he was desperate.

Kissed me and he ‘Supposedly’ has been waiting to do since he met me.

Guys are players.

He played me.




----Louis’ POV----



My chest was hurting; I shouldn’t have left her there confused.

I shouldn’t have feelings for her.

I should never have fallen.

She’s stupid.

She’s lame.

She’s a no body.

She’s our old schools old embarrassment.

She’s poor.

She’s not pretty.

She’s not really smart.

She’s not nice.

She’s parentless.

She’s pathetic.



----Vivi’s POV----



I shouldn’t have feelings for him.

I should never have fallen.

I’m stupid.

I’m lame.

I’m a no body.

I’m our old schools old embarrassment.

I’m poor.

I’m not pretty.

I’m not really smart.

I’m not nice.

I’m parentless.

I am pathetic.



----Louis’ POV----


I need to stop lying. I love her. she's anything but what i thought.

She's gorgeous

Super smart

Super sweet








Fancy in her own way







Candy to the eyes

Candy to the mind

Candy to the heart.

My heart.


and Harry's..



----Harry’s POV----


(Night when Lou leaves)



Where was Lou?! He’s been out all night! He never leaves without saying something to me, something is up. I know it.


Meanwhile I still can’t get Jenna out of my mind; her eyes sparkle, her touch makes me tremble, her hair flows in curly ringlets down her back, her perfect curves in perfect places, her immaturity and mature self, and she’s funny too. I could make a never ending list of beautiful things about her, right to the bone.


(2 Hour’s Later)



I’m sitting on the couch watching ‘Wedding Crashers’ I discovered it in America and it’s funnier then hell. I see the door unlock and Louis walks up, his trousers toyed with, his shirt wrinkled, his grin on his face, his messy hair…


Louis got laid.


That or a cray cray make out session!






I immediately shoot up from my spot, running to Lou. “Where have you been Mr.!?” Once he sees me his grin fades. “Umm… Out?” he said more as of a question.


Whatever. I will let him go, “Get to bed we have an interview tomorrow.” He went up the stiars and the grin returning to his face.


I knew that grin!





----Louis’ POV----


HE’S ONTO ME!!!!!!!!



I slipped as I ran down the hall, Bloody wooden floors! I got back up and carried down to my room and went on twitter after lying in bed.

‘Click’ Twitter

Newest Trends ‘Click’

Category ‘Click’

One Direction ‘Click’






WAIT WHAT?! I literally fell out of my feel from shock. Earning another bruise. Smart Lou smart. I re looked at the trend



I clicked the link to see a picture of me holding Jenna’s hand from across the register.







(Okay guys first ever James POV! Let’s see how this goes ehh?)



----James’s POV----



I was pissed, I felt unloved.

Jenna is mine.

Always has been.

I don’t like sharing.

She knows that.

It’s as if I don’t exist.

I don’t love her.


She’s my Mum.

What? You may ask.

(A-   Okay guys this disease I’m gonna make is NOT real but I thought it would spike it up a bit ye?)


Yes she is my mum and she doesn’t know. Vivi had a disorder when she was 12, her – was messed up and she went into a coma for a whole year. In that year I was born, what? Yeah I know how am I her age? I’m not. She’s years older than me, usually I would be 6 right now but Vivi’s mum gave them over a million dollars to give me pills to make me the same age as her and grow with her, if I stop taking the pills for a week I will be 6 again.


Yes it hurts, it hurts a lot to think I don’t have parents; I grew up with Vivi as her best friend, saying that we always had to hang out at her house, never approving of boys for her. Everything. She saw me as the best friend, not the son. I see her take care of her siblings, wishing she would care for me like that. Sometimes I want to be my real age and live my child hood, but I can’t.


I always think of what it would be like to be 6 again, for my first 6 years of life I was in a foster home, not for adoption. I wonder if I would have all my memories. I want my mum, I always told her my problems and as a child she was very protective of me.





( “ = James, ‘ = Vivi )


Viv why do you care so much about me?” ‘I’m not sure I just feel like when im with you I have too and that if I don’t I will let you down? I know sounds odd.’ Those words ment the world to me. “Tanks” ‘For what?’ “being there” ‘I love you Jami’ “I love you too Jenni”





I want my Vivi.


I want my mum.



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