Big Hearted (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Parents Died, 5 Younger siblings, small apartment, nice job, hidden talent, YouTube, and a party.
19 year old Jennavive Peirce has a tough life and one day goes to a party and meets Harry Styles! She is also reunited with her old school crush befor ehe was famous, Louis Tomlinson. What will happen along in the adventure? James? Who is he really to Jenna?
Find out everything in Big Hearted!


8. Chapter 6


Chapter 6



----Louis’ POV----


Throughout the party I always glanced to Harry, trying to get his attention. Harry wouldn’t meet my gaze; he was always staring at Jenna. Yes I know her name; at least I think I do.


She has those eyes, the beautiful chocolate gold ones like I remembered. I used to fancy her so much it hurt, but she got embarrassed and became the schools laughing stock. This part will make me sound really selfish but, I didn’t talk to her because I didn’t want to risk my reputation to. I wasn’t sure if it was really her but once she turned I instantly remembered her from school, everything about my feeling caught up with me.


The way her hair flowed out of her now super loose bun, her eyes glimmered with joy as she played with Sophie and Tammy. Yes once again I know who they were; she occasionally took them to school when they were only 3 because she had to watch them. Sophie kept looking at me as if she remembered me.




I ate lunch with my lads Drake and James when a little girl ran up to me and sat on my lap poking my nose. She was so cute! I laughed and so did the boys and I play with her hair, wondering who she was and why she was here. Then a very embarrassed Jennavive stepped forward, “I’m umm, I’m sorry...” She kind of whisper mumbled as she picked up Sophie. This was after the moment at the school dance.

(Quote marks means Louis’ words and these ‘ mean Jennavive’s)

“No problem Jenna, she’s adorable you know” ‘Oh thanks’ “I hope you don’t mind me asking but, why do you have too little girls with you? What’re their names?” ‘Well the one who came to you is Sophie, shes a bit outgoing especially when I point people out to her she likes to go meet them too. Then the one hiding behind me is Tammy.’ That made me pause, Point me out? “Pointing me out?” She blushed, it was adorable.


‘I was telling them who everyone was and I guess I say your name at home often she wanted to say hi?’ OMFG SHE TALKS BOUT’ ME!!!!! “You talk about me?” ‘Umm, just about our date and how I got embaresed and now everyone hates me.’ “I don’t hate you” ‘Thanks’ Wait she didn’t answer me. “Why are the little ones here?” she paused, ‘My parents went on a vacation and get back tomorrow so they can help me pack up most of my things since our senior year ends in a month’ “Oh.” ‘Well I erm, gotta go now. Bye lou’ “Bye.”

I watched her back as she walked away, the lads kept saying how they understood why I liked her but it won’t ever happen as I was popular, she wasn’t and I was going to the X Factor soon.






I remember after that how she was always so miserable and soon those kids always went to school with her. She would never tell anyone what had happen, and why she was so sad. Though no one really made an effort after she lost her popularity and her friends left her. The conversation about the little girls was our last. It got stuck. OMFG!


Her parents.

On a trip


Miserable Jenna

Sad after the day they supposed to be back

Taking the kids everywhere

Always late to school

Always tired

No social life


Her parents died and she had to care for her 5 siblings! I feel so bad; I should have put my ego aside, befriended her and helped her out.


I mean James even beat me to that! He was the 2nd most popular guy and he put that aside and helped Jenna, becoming unpopular but getting the friendship everyone wanted.

I feel so bad.

But I can’t tell harry I’m in love with her.


Yes, Love.




----Zayn’s and Liam’s POV---- (Thought the Same)


Harry looked at the girl with admiration. He wanted her.

Louis looked at the same girl with love and missing eyes. He knew and loved her.


Boy were they screwed.




----Niall’s POV----


I made new friends, Joevon was his name. He was like a mini me on the inside, Same tastes and everything, he also had a hardy appetite!


We played video games and he told me about his life, I felt bad for this guy.


His parents died and his big sister sacrificed everything for them, No social life, no love life, no college, but work and taking care of them and the small apartment they shared. He had 5 siblings, 2 little sisters who were twins (6 years old) and 2 little brothers who were also twins (10 years old).


I exchanged numbers with him so we could hang out; he obviously had no clue who I was. But he bolted off after 4 others and a scary man. WTH!?





----Vivi’s POV----



One week later.

I stand behind the rashregister playing with a strand of hair and constantly straightening my uniform that consisted of:


Really, REALLY short shorts that were purple ripped jeans, My hair curled into ringlets with a cute headband Bow that was purple with the letters JW on it, then a tube top that said Vivi on the front and Jack Wills on the back, the letters were purple and the shirt was white. I wore a cardigan over it. I wore this every morning, it was kind of skimpy.


I heard the bell ring stating someone was here, I looked up to see… Louis?! He walked up to me and I said my line, “Welcome to Jack Wills can I help you sir?” he chuckled, oh yes it was him. “Yes you can, I have a question” he stated. “yes?” he said smoothly, “Are you Jennavive? From school? You know with the date to prom when y-“ I cut him off not wanting to be reminded, “yes it’s me just don’t remind me of that” he rolled his eyes.


“I like that look on you” he said with a cheeky grin, I blushed. DANG IT! NO CHEEKS DON’T BLUSH! YOU DON’T LIKE HIM! “You don’t?” His face was sad and disappointed, did I say that aloud? “Yes you did say that out loud.” “oops, listen I didn’t mean it like that, you see I usedtolikeyouandyouhadalwaysmademeblushandthenIembarrassedmyselfruininganychanceandIswore2nevereverfallforyou a-“ I was cut off by lips, his.

He kissed me.

We were kissing

I kissed back with passion and soon I felt him gliding his tongue over my bottom lip and I gladly opened. I felt him smile into the kiss as he climbed over the counter to the back where I was, he pushed me against the wall and kissed me with more aggression like he wanted this kiss. We were both hungry for it. I wrapped my arms around him neck pulling his hair a bit. I broke the kiss as we were both exhausted and out of breath. I opened the door to my private office, well mine and James. Lou followed me and I shut the door and saw SheShe come out, and take the register as I was now on brake.


I lay on the couch as Louis climbs on top of my snogging me as I ran my fingers through his hair, he takes off his shirt in one swift motion and I run my fingers through his abs as we continue our heated kissing session.



Next thing I knew, my cardigan was off leaving my small tube top that showed my belly to about my ribs. Lou started to kiss my fit stomach as a small moan escaped me lips, I brought his lips back to mine and we kissed for a minute longer when I started to kiss his neck leaving a love bit there.


I haven’t felt this way since before I was embarrassed.

When I was popular

When guys always did this to me

Though it never felt right

But let me tell you


This felt more than right.





Authors Note!!!!


Whoa, they were full on snogging. Wonder what happens next? What about Harry? So many things could happen wrong and good.






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