Big Hearted (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Parents Died, 5 Younger siblings, small apartment, nice job, hidden talent, YouTube, and a party.
19 year old Jennavive Peirce has a tough life and one day goes to a party and meets Harry Styles! She is also reunited with her old school crush befor ehe was famous, Louis Tomlinson. What will happen along in the adventure? James? Who is he really to Jenna?
Find out everything in Big Hearted!


7. Chapter 5


Chapter 5



Author’s Note:


Hey hey hey! Once again sorry that I have short chapters I just get eager and want to start new ones fast! Haha well I hope you enjoy?


----Harry’s POV----


I’m standing in front of a beautiful girl under the mistletoe. We’re teasing each other; she obviously doesn’t want to kiss me which makes me brake inside. So badly I wanted to just grab those glossy lips with mine and have them move in sync.


I grabbed her hand and felt a spark shoot through me, I brought my lips to her soft, warm cheek feelings a firework show begin from our touch. I backed away and the sensation ended. She stared into my eyes and I felt like it was only us too, I’m not sure if she could feel it but I felt chemistry.


What she did next was a surprise but, hey I’m not complaining! She wrapped my arms around her waist closing the space between us, I made my move then and placed my lips firmly onto hers. Her lips tasted of cherries and cupcakes, DON’T JUDGE MY TASTE SKILLAGE! Haha(; This day could not get any better could it?


We heard wolf whistles and separated from the kiss and she laughed a bit and gazed down to the floor. I took her chin and brought it back up, staring into her eyes.


----Vivi’s POV----


DAMN IT IM SO STUPID! I cursed myself once I brought his hands onto my hips, making us ever so close. I'M MAKING A FOOD OF MY MYSELF! I thought again but my thoughts were silenced, not with a voice but a touch.


Harry is kissing me. I was quick to reply, as our lips moved together and molded each other’s like a puzzle.




We heard a whistle which I knew came from James… and parted, I suddenly felt self conscious. I gazed down to the floor as my cheeks burned; Harry picked my chin back up staring into my eyes. I never wanted this moment to end. Ever


He then awkwardly placed his hands into his jean pockets and we walked over to a couch, as everyone else continued with the party. Every so often I would of course glance at the girls, knowing the boys were ok. James also looked at me with a sheepish smirk plastered on his face, Oh boy.


Harry’s sudden words startled my, “You know I haven’t been able to tear my eyes away from you since I stepped in here.” I almost fainted, Keep cool Viv keep it cool. “Really?” Stupid response. “Yeah, your just… Just so gorgeous” He paused then started again, “I see the way you look at all those kids, are they your family?” Is this 21 questions? I love this game! “Yes, they are my life, they’re my family.” “How about you? Who’s your family?”


(To make it easier when words are have “ on them Jennavive is speaking, When harry talks it will have ‘ okay?)

‘I have a step dad, real dad, mum, and sister Gemma’ “Your so lucky you have so much family” I muttered under my breath. ‘What do you mean?’ “I only have my siblings, parents died. I have to look after them all with my job here at Jack Wills and my small apartment.” ‘Wow’ I sighed. “I get that a lot” I said chuckling


‘How do you manage? Taking care of 5 kids, yourself, working a job, and so much more at the same time?’ Easy question. “I put Tanner, Mace, Joevon, Tammy, and Sophie first. My boss is my friend and understands when I’m late. Plus James babysits when I’m at work because we work opposite hours, when I get off work at JW he comes in for his shift.”


 ‘Is James your boyfriend?’ I choked on my saliva, and burst out laughing. Harry seemed taken aback a bit, “Are you kidding me? EWWWW! Haha no, no he’s not. Just my partner in crime or as normal call it *BFF*” ‘Good’ His face showed relief, did he like me? Of course not Jen! Don’t get your hopes up he’s a superstar for peats sake! Okay, okay calm down mind.


It was silent for a moment until I saw Sophie get grabbed outside the store by a man in black! I hopped up and yelled “COMING THROUGH! SOPHIEEEEE! I'M COMING HUN!” I left Harry looked confused, you see Sophie has almost been kidnapped 3 times. Everyone knew wat was happening again, my other siblings ran after me as I chased the man in black. I could hear heavy footsteps, Harry following too? Great.


The man was backed up to a wall with Sophie yelling to let go. I told Harry and everyone else to stop a block back. I can imagine them telling him the story and asking why he followed.

I walked up to the man and he recognized me. I pointed my index finger to him, “Set her down.” He dropped Sophie and she ran to my side hugging my leg. I then sent her back to where everyone else was watching me.


I kicked the man in the No no square, as he fell to his knees in pain I kicked his head, making him fall. Weeping for mercy. I walked back and Harry approached me, “Kick ass moves” he said. I gave him a high five and we went back to the party.


I placed my sweater on myself then instructed the girls and boys to do the same. I lifted Sophie and Tammy into my arms. How can I hold them? I’m strong Chicka!


We walked off back to my apartment; there were no cabs this time of night. We walked for another 10 minutes, listening to Mace complaints. We finally arrived and all basically ran inside, they all ran to their rooms and got snuggled in their beds.


I cooked them all hot cocoa and transferred it too each of them kissing their heads, Yes even the boys. We have a strong relationship, what can I say?(:


I took the girls theirs last, Sophie was still shaken up and Tammy was trying to comfort her. I picked them both up along with the cocoa and their blankets. I carried them to my room and lie them with me, Sleeping in my bed tonight! They were out in a matter of seconds, literally!


I was left cuddling with their sleeping figures thinking over what happened tonight. So many thoughts buzzed through my mind.


Harry kissed me.

Well we were under the mistletoe, he had to.

He gave me butterflies.

I had some bad food probably.

I felt sparks.

We were walking on carpet, Static?

He stared into my eyes.

I have something in my eyes? Maybe my makeup’s bad.

We talked.

He got bored and didn’t want to be mean and just leave.

He followed me to save my sister.

So did everyone else!




Then why didn’t he get my number?



I fell asleep after a battle with my heart and mind.

Am I ever going to see him again?


Probably not.

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