Big Hearted (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Parents Died, 5 Younger siblings, small apartment, nice job, hidden talent, YouTube, and a party.
19 year old Jennavive Peirce has a tough life and one day goes to a party and meets Harry Styles! She is also reunited with her old school crush befor ehe was famous, Louis Tomlinson. What will happen along in the adventure? James? Who is he really to Jenna?
Find out everything in Big Hearted!


4. Chapter 3


Chapter 3:


----Harry’s POV----


The boys and I were getting ready to leave to go to the partayyyy! Lou always says ‘Oh it’s gonna be a Christmas miracle and you’re gonna find the *one* tonight’ Yeah tonight my ass. Lou decided to be festive and wore a ridiculous Christmas sweater with a button that makes it light up and sing! Dang I wonder about that boy sometimes…

 The rest of the boys all wore their normal, Liam a checkered button up, Zayn and his Varsity jacket and Niall in his polo. Man these boys are so predictable right? Yup…. Well we all went out to my car and hopped in, Liam next to me up front and Niall between Zayn and Louis.


We drove for about an hour when I heard a siren, I looked in the review mirror to see a cop on a motorcycle. Damn. Starting off a ‘great’ day with a ticket! Maybe I can work me cha-.. I was cut off in my thoughts as there was a tap on my window once I pulled over. I rolled down the window to see a hot blond in a skimpy cop suite.


I swear they werent aloud to wear so little clothing. She bit her lip and traced her finger along the side of my face saying seducively "Heyyy do I need to give you a ticket?.." She then started to run her fingers from my neck to my chest and continued "Or you could pay it off."


I gulped, she was pretty fit, as i looked her over the boys coughed. "Umm we have plans tonight we will just take the bill and tell the station about your little gesture." Liam said acting cool. The blond pulled away fast and walked speedily to her motorcycle and drove off fast.

Lou was first to speak, “Well that was awkward.” I nodded and continued driving, not letting the blond out of my mind. We arrived a few short moments later and the sight was breath taking! Technically it was at the mall but was held in Jack Wills, my favorite store. Lou ran out up to the door quickly and gaped at the sight. Soon after the rest of the lads and myself got out and followed Lou where he stood at the door. We froze. Literally! It was amazing, best mall evaaaaaaa! It was so rich looking like a mall celebri- hey! Like where I would shop *Wink* haha, smooth. We entered Jack Wills and my eyes wandered around the amazing party and landed on…



*~*~*Jennavive’s POV*~*~*


We drove the 10 minutes it took to get to the mall and Sophie, Tammy were scared. Last time they came here I had only been their guardian for a day and I had lost tammy and Sophie almost got kidnapped. I found Tammy and went ninja on the asswhole who tried taking my sister! Thank you kung fu!(:

I picked up Sophie and put her on my back for protection, and held Tammy’s hand while they boys strode in together. Everyone in town knew me, you could say I was poplular in this new town right? Yup! And everyone knew my siblings too and were so sweet to them when they saw them with me.


I walked in and James ran to me hugging me tight when I reminded him on the monkey on my shoulder, he just laughed. I looked more around the party and saw the boys all decked out on the couch with my boss SheShe (I like to call her that).

 I still had the girls with me but one was on each of my shoulders as I ran around the room making car noises, “VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM ROOOOOOOOM VROOOOOOOOOOOM!” I sing sang. Everybody knew me, I was the life of the party they all laughed and wolf whistled. I set the girls down ever so carefully and fixed my dress and took the hair from my face. Tammy and Sophie sat at the food table ready for me to help them get some food, but I couldn’t help think I could feel eyes on me ever since I walked in! It was starting to creep me out yet I didn’t even know if eyes were on me.


I sat between my girls as I put sweet potatoes on Tammy’s plate, not Sophie’s, and ham on Sophie’s not Tammy’s. They had completely different tastes. I finished dishing them up with strawberries, salad, green beans, and a cupcake with some orange juice.


I was walking over to my brothers when I tripped over someone’s bag I went down with a ‘OOF!’ The music stopped and everyone ran to me worried since they were all neighbors or I knew them some other way. Tammy screamed to let them through as she ran to my side, so cute! Sophie and the boys also came followed my Tammy crying. She was really sensitive, “Swissy a-a-are w-woo oh okay?!” she practically yelled in my ear. God I was making myself seem weak! I Sat up too see everyones worried expressions.


I stood up and hugged tammy telling her, shh and I’m ok. Sophie hugged me from behind saying “Vivi Don’t woo scare me wike dat ever agwayn! Gots it missy?” I laughed at her. Everyone went back to their normal partying and everyone at some point asked if I was ok. Which I was. I was playing tick tack toe with James and he beat me and he yelled, “ATTENTION EVERYONE YOU REMMEBR MY VIV’S LAST CHRISTMAS PARTY?! SHE BRAGGED ABOUT BEING QUEEN OF T-T-T! I NOW TAKE THE THROWN, IN YO FACE GURRRRRRRLY!” oh no he didn’t, haha we joked all the time he was my best friend.

Everyone knew we played like this, or so I thought… I stood up and got in his face trying to hold back a laugh yelling. “EXCUSE ME CARROT HEAD DID YOU SAY SOMETHING TO YOUR MAJESTY?!” I couldn’t help it, I laughed with my ginger best friend when James spoke back. “OH HELL YEAH CHICKA WANNA TAKE THIS OUTSIDE?!” I replied not a moment later “LANGUAGE! There are children in the room and I looked to my siblings and told them to ear muff it, they did and I continued.

“YOU BET YOUR ASS I WILL, I WILL TAKE YOU LIKE I TOOK THAT MAN TRYIN TO STEAL MY BABEE!” we then couldn’t hold it and both fell onto the couch in hysterics as everyone else did too. I decided to party more and got some punch and danced with everyone on the dance floor as the girls slept on the couch. How? I DON’T KNOW! IT SOOOO LOUD! The boys were playing Xbox, yes there’s a Xbox in Jack wills. I continued dancing and I heard everyone gasp and look towards me. I, the confused looking idiot said “what?” they all pointed above me.


Authors Note!! Hey Hey Hey! Next Chapter will be a good one your gonna want to read, it will start with Harry's POV from when he walked in too a certain moment. So stick aroung because the love birds meet!



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