Big Hearted (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Parents Died, 5 Younger siblings, small apartment, nice job, hidden talent, YouTube, and a party.
19 year old Jennavive Peirce has a tough life and one day goes to a party and meets Harry Styles! She is also reunited with her old school crush befor ehe was famous, Louis Tomlinson. What will happen along in the adventure? James? Who is he really to Jenna?
Find out everything in Big Hearted!


27. Chapter 23 -Part 1 of Epilogue-


Chapter 23


I was nervous. I sat in the back room with my new wedding gown on and my hair curled with a tiara on top. I watched as Sophia and Tammy walked down the aisle throwing flowers. Once they went down my brides maids followed shortly after.





Susanna (Nialls new GF)




they each went with the grooms men









It was my turn and i felt like Dinosaurs were going RAWRRRRRRRRR BOOM STOMP ROAR! In my tummy as they played 1000 game sof tag! I got up and slipped on my white pumps. Simon took my arm and opened the big double doors as the music began to play.


Simon walked me since he is basically my father, and i dont have a father. haha): We walked foot by foot and i looked forward. I saw all the people i love surrounding me. My sisters sitting around the Chapel thingy haha i dont know what its called.... ya. My best friends and my brothers all lined up. Where's James? OH YAAAAA Ring berrier. I finally took in my Fiance' appearence.


Louis was lookin dashing in his Tuxedo i almost drooled. We met eye contact and shared a smile.


The priest said the vows as did we and finally the time came for the main part.

"Louis Tomlinson, do you take Jennavive Peirce as your lawful wedded wife. To charish and to hold, to love and to fight. Through Sickness and in health. To share rings for a sybol for undying love?" Mr.Priest asked Lou.


We waited in silence for an answer. "I most definatly do!" He shouted as he placed a hand on my waist making me smile and blush.

"And do you JennaVive Pierce take Louis Tomlinson as your lawful wedded Husband. To charish and to hold, to love and to fight. Through Sickness and in health. To share rings for a sybol for undying love?" 

"I do. Forever." I smiled

"You may now kiss the bride!"

Louis waisted NO time at all! His lips ment mine as we kissed, it got more passionate and turned into a make out session when we heard harry yell, "Oi! He said kiss not eat eachothers faces off!" My and Louis blushed as the wedding carried on.



5 Years Later


Lily! James! Simon! Cher! Siara! It's time for Tea!(Dinner) We sat and ate a lovely meal. I loved my family. Forever.


(My sisters/brothers now live with Simon who lives 2 homes down from me)



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