Big Hearted (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Parents Died, 5 Younger siblings, small apartment, nice job, hidden talent, YouTube, and a party.
19 year old Jennavive Peirce has a tough life and one day goes to a party and meets Harry Styles! She is also reunited with her old school crush befor ehe was famous, Louis Tomlinson. What will happen along in the adventure? James? Who is he really to Jenna?
Find out everything in Big Hearted!


26. Chapter 22


Chapter 22


----Lily's POV----


She explained it all and I was mesmerized by her braveness, she was my new mum! I already loved her and we got home and I got an amazing room that already was deviated my favorite colors and there were clothes there too!

Amazing!! I wanted to kill Louis thought for hurting her so badly, I should hurt him to the same about but physically! Haha yeah..


My aunts and uncles, more like sisters and brothers and my brother all love me to death and were so welcoming. This was truly a dream life, I was all over the news 'The most generous, Big hearted girl just grew her heart to a bigger size!

She was seen getting out of her car accidentally turning the camera back on from the show earlier, she saved 12 year old Lily just after her heart was broke, se then adopted her and is living the dreamlife.' My mum was the best person on earth and everyone knew so.


I then heard mum yelling for us all to come ear dinner. We sat there quietly eating when the door opened. Louis.


----Jenna's POV----


"What do you want!" 

"I want you back babes"

"Too little too late for that" 

"Please give me one minute!" 

"Ok the clocks ticking" 

"Cassie hired her to do so, she said if I didn't do that with her then she would kill... You."

"Bullshit" I walked away

"Give me one more chance" 

"You have one more chance but any mistake Tommo and we will never be" 

"THANK YOU!!!" He hugged me tight and I laughed at him, then he kissed me.


----Harry's POV----


One month later.


Lou and Jen were happy ad so was everyone else, everything was great! We were all at Jenna's fitting, she was fitting for a wedding dress, no not that type, a brides maids one.

Se finally found one and bound my groomsmens suite. She was my partner for the wedding. Who's? My mum and Robin's! The boys couldn't make it but Gemma wouldn't let Jen miss it! They were practically bffs. We walked down hand in and and then me being the best man, went and gave the rings. They kissed and we cheered

New daddy! :DDD

We all danced around and then something happened that know one would have guessed. We saw ahead of us a man with a gun, pointed at Jenna. I whispered to Jenna and she froze. I saw the bullet coming and she bulled her gun out. Yup still carries it. Everyone was now watching including the paps.

She shot the gun and her bullet collided with his, making it stop. Damn good aim!!! She then wiped her shoulders and people clapped and te man was arrested. "How!" "Magic!" "No seriously" "Shhh! Secret!" "Screw you" "LOVE YOU TOO CURLY FRY!" she yelled as I chuckled a d she skipped around. Best best friend ever!


----Jenna's POV----


I was happy. Everything was good. I was pregnant though, Louis didn't know yet, I was leaving to go home and tell him. No one knew about the baby but Harry an Justin who I told at the wedding.

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