Big Hearted (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Parents Died, 5 Younger siblings, small apartment, nice job, hidden talent, YouTube, and a party.
19 year old Jennavive Peirce has a tough life and one day goes to a party and meets Harry Styles! She is also reunited with her old school crush befor ehe was famous, Louis Tomlinson. What will happen along in the adventure? James? Who is he really to Jenna?
Find out everything in Big Hearted!


25. Chapter 21


Kay guys this one is longer that last one was really short. Lots happen in this one... 

Kels. xx



----Jenna's POV----


I walked to where Simon was and gaped at the building with my name on it! This was a big start!



(One Year Later)


Louis and I are still going strong, the boys and me are all sorted out, I still live in my house I bought next to them, and the kids were still doing great. As for my job, I was a big hit! On the charts the first 6 songs in America, Britain, Sweden, Ireland, Australia, and Alaska were all mine! The album got big, everyone loved me and I was the most loved person in America, I hadn't talked to Louis in a week though because,

1. He is in the UK visiting family

2. He is mad at me (He loves the center of attention but when we go for walks people ignore him and take pictures with me not him)

3. His phone is apparently dead, when he is still tweeting?


I was pissed. I think he is ignoring me. Is he cheating on me? Course not. I haven't seen him in person for a month though and I missed his hugs so I did the unexpected.

I called Simon and had him book me a flight to where he was, I packed quickly, ready for the week trip. I walked out to see paps on my yard and they came and asked me questions, since I am so Big hearted as they say, I will answer questions.




"Okay I am in a hurry guys and I already know what you're going to say so I will tell you right now. Yes me and Louis are still going strong, no Harry and Justin are me bestfriends nothing more, yes my birthday is tomorrow I will be 21, and where am I going? I can't tell you it's a surprise but! I want you too see the expression so how about I wear a small camera on my necklace and you can see all that happens from here to where I am going live?!"


"Okay! I cannot wait! Yeeps!"

"We love you Jenna!" they chorused as I took the channel 'Extra's small camera that just looked like a piece of jewelry on my necklace.

"Bye! Love you all"

I walked to the cab and started talking, okay so this is live? Simon I know you're watching so text me if so!" my phone buzzed.

"Okay haha, well I would tell you but then they might find out, you see I haven't seen Louis in a month.. That's your only hint!" I checked twitter and saw now trending 'Jennaisamazingtothepaparazzi' I laughed. "Oh my twitter!"


We arrived at my jet and Lisa took me in, the flight assistant also a friend of mine.

"Thanks Lisa! Could I please have my usual?"

"Yes Miss.Peirce, I erm mean Jenna" she said with a smile, I smiled back

"Thanks again"

"It's my job" she winked and I chuckled. I turned on a 2 movie's that would replay after the other, just in case I fall asleep the TV has something. I went on twitter and saw so many fans so I did a twit cam.

"Hey guys! I am on TV live right now! Channel 758 or just 58, on Extra! I am suprising someone and took a paps camera so you can all see! Ask away!!!!!!!!!"

"Sorry but I can't tell where just in case certain people are watching"

"Yes I will follow you."

"No I like pepper jack"

"Probably Joe"



"Monkeys or Zebras"


"Harry Styles or Justin Bieber, both really close"

"No I have no romantic feelings for them.."


"Okay bye guys!"


I had showed the laptop on camera so they saw the question I was asked.

I then fell asleep and was awoken by Lisa.


I grabbed my bags and then James and Jack took them and stood on either side of me as I walked over to the waiting Limo, btw they are my body guards.

(The kids are staying with Simon, turns out he loves kids!)

I got in and they drove me to Louis hotel.

"Okay you caught me! I am surprising Louis! Let's go!"

"James, Jack stay out here in the Limo I will only be a minute then I will come back out with Louis and he will help bring in the suitcases, can't bring them in when I want to hug him!"

They chuckled and I got dinosaurs in my tummy, were they wrestling or something?! I made my way to the elevator and pressed his floor, it then shut and I waited to go up, we soon got up and it beeped.


I stepped out of the elevator gliding down the halls to finally reach his room, very close to the stairs in fact. I had been given a key from the man at the counter, who tried flirting with me; I had grabbed the key started laughing and walked off. He didn't know he was on camera!


I whispered to the camera: here we go!

I slipped the card in the slot and pulled back, seeing the green light and opening the room, I heard a noise from the bedroom, I stopped in my tracks and whispered so only the camera could here. "Was that?-"

'Harder Louis! Harder! Oh Oh!'

I started crying and looked in the camera and whispered.



"I am going in, young children be warned..." still sobbing I set the camera back on my neck. I paced the the bedroom and slammed open the door to see Louis and a brunette 'Doing it' I gasped and screamed, "I hate you Louis! Such a boyfriend you are! Such a friend you are! Such a BAD personality you have! You broke my heart and I NEVER want to see you again! We. Are. Over!" I yelled now balled, and throwing the promise ring he got me at him then running out as tears dripped from my face onto the camera necklace. "That asswhole" I mumbled as I cried.


I heard my name.

"Jenna! Please! Jenna wait up! Jenna please please!"

I stopped and turned to face Louis who was only in boxers.

"What do you want Tomlinson?!"

"Please Jenna don't go" he grabbed my hand, I pulled it away from his and smacked him across the cheek.

"You played me. This is why you were ignoring me?! You were shagging this chick?!" I pointed to the girl running towards us in nothing but a robe.


"Save it for someone who care's"

I ran off sobbing again and went to Jack and James. I hugged them tight (There are 2 James', Kid, and bodyguard) "What's wrong love?" Jack asked.

"Watch the rerun of Extra tonight" I said as I got in the car.

I looked into the mirror and saw my makeup "Crap. Sorry TV people you had to see that" I said in between sobs. I got a text that said: Put the cell on speaker when I call. I then got a call from Simon and put it on speaker as I washed my face from makeup and reapplying waterproof.


(Tinted= Simon)


I can't believe him! I am going to kill him for hurting you!

Simon calm down, it's fine he was too good for me anyways..


Thanks Si..

I am cutting the pay for him to get home, let him get there on his own.


Haha bye love, I miss you and so do the kids!

Love you too, deliver to the kids what happened, and no they cannot watch the show.



Okay Okay! Don't go all momma bear on me!

Whatever Si, Seeya!


"My my, that lad."

I then remembered what that Louis always said lad...

I burst back into sobs and mumbled, "Louis always sa-said l-lad!"

I heard the phone ring and I answered to hear Harry


Love are you alright?! I don't belive he did that! Blasted idiot's going to pay!

Harebear I misssss youuu!

I missss youuu tooo! And Louis is going to miss his manhood which I shall shave off...



How do you-

Your on TV and I hear myself! HAHA HI MEEEEEE, HII SEXT BEAST, Oh harry stop it!

Harry are you ok? A little too much sugar in your Lucky Charms?



OMG VIV!!!! I misses tueeeee! Louis' an a- wait your live right?


Okay then he's a erm... Donkey's tooshy?

Okay then. I have to go now.

BYE! -Niall and Harry



Love you guys...

"Ok camera I am going to go cry my eyes out, you heard it here first. Lenna Pierlinson is no more. Forever"


I switched the camera off and started balling.

I got a new text.



Aww poor you! You broke me and Harry up and now you and Louis are no more, he is now alllll Minnie's, Who's Minnie?! My BFF who LOVES him and he is HERS now. You LOSE I WIN. As always. Bye bye dear, don't eat too much ice cream, your already a fat pig.


I took a picture of the text and tweeted it.


Okay first. I Hope you all saw what Lou did. Second I am changing my name on here. And third, What did I do to deserve this?! I have never done anything bad and my life is getting ruined. What do I do?!



I tagged the picture to the tweet and sent it out.

I then changed my name from:




I smiled and saved it.


I looked out the window and something that I was sure wasn't real, they didn't exist.

We were at a light and I saw down an alley what looked like someone fighting with a girl who looked about 12.

I got out my gun, yes I carry a gun that had one bullet, also I wear a bulletproof vest, why? I am careful and I saw one hate/DeathThreat note and bought them.

I jumped out of the car, called 911 and walked to them.


'Aww little girl scared? Trust me it will only hurt for a second." He pulled up a knife and I heard her scream and I tackled the guy.

"OOF!" the girl looked shocked.

"You dare hurt a little girl?! Do you know who I am?!"

"Yup, you're rich. Gimme your money or I kill you too"

I gasped and pulled out my gun 

"Touch me or her with your petty little knife and I will seriously hurt you." The girl was now standing behind me hugging me, scared.

I looked at the camera, it was on! I use this to my advantage. What's your name?" 


"If your gonna kill me then tell me" 

"Zachary Matt's" 

"We'll Zachary say hello to Extra! I shoved the camera in his face. I grabbed the girl and ran back to the car. 

"What's your name?" I said panting, I carried her there. 

"Lily Shields" "Hi lily, where are your parents?" "I have none, my step mom was evil so I ran away and she got put in jail I live on the streets" "not no more! You no who I am?" "Yes" "Well I am adopting you." She grinned and hugged me saying, "Your my new mum? Your so young though?" 

"Today I am 21, Louis cheat in me, broke up, and yes I am young but I take care of 6 kids, al my siblings and one my son, I will explain on the way" "Kay mum(="



Hope you enjoyed? Or hated it? SORRRRY! There's not many chapters left, I think I might stop in about 2 or 3 chapters. 

Byeziez! Maybe a sequel also in the future.... 

Kels. xx

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