Big Hearted (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Parents Died, 5 Younger siblings, small apartment, nice job, hidden talent, YouTube, and a party.
19 year old Jennavive Peirce has a tough life and one day goes to a party and meets Harry Styles! She is also reunited with her old school crush befor ehe was famous, Louis Tomlinson. What will happen along in the adventure? James? Who is he really to Jenna?
Find out everything in Big Hearted!


18. Chapter 15


Chapter 15



----Sophie's POV----


We have been spending  a whole day with SheShe and I missed Jenna! SheShe wasn't good at babysitting at all! Mace and Tanner were playing wiht girls clothes in the store and dancing all weird as Joevon played on his phone which he could text on.


Joe got to text who he wanted, Mace and Tanner only got to text our family and 911, and the rest of us got to Text 911 and Jenna only. NO FAIR! 


Tammy, James, and I all sat bored outside of Jack Wills talking about nothing really, James kept telling us stories of when he was older, about Jenna and him. They were really interedting and their story's were, especially from his point of view because he knew about her being his mum when she didn't.


I heard Tammy's tummy grumble so we all sat up, joined hands and walked away from JW all the way to Mcdonald's we all ate and forgot how to return back, James said he remembered but we should play here first!

We agreed and played, for about 2 hour's and feel asleep in a booth.


----SheShe's POV----


I stink at baby sitting, BADLY! everyone was so crazy and i couldnt control them, I realized 3 were gone. CRAP! JENNA IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOING TO KILL ME! AND MAKE ME COME TO MY OWN FUNERAL! OH NO NO NO! we all stopped and searched the store and decided to wait a hour to see if they returned....


___1 Hour Later___


No Sign of them.

Shoot. Yup no naughty words! The girl don't cuss! ;) But seriously.






----Harry’s POV----


I woke up in a bed that certainly was not mine; I silently prayed that, that did not happen. I looked underneath the One Direction duvet that had my face on I, creepy, and saw I was in fact naked. Crap! I looked next to me and saw a blond fake girl with a smile stuck on her face.


I quickly got out of the bed and slid on my clothes from yesterday, just as I was about to leave I felt hands wrap around my torso, I turned around to see the blond, I think her name was Cassie?

“Harebear baby where are you going?”

“Cassie I am leaving I only came for the night." I won't lie she was great, not personality but on the eyes.

"No Harry your my boyfriend now(:" she said with a fake smile as she grabbed the collar of my shirt pulled my face close, nose touching "Kay?" "O-o-okay cCssie" she grinned and kissed me hard,i didn't kiss back though so she pulled away and smacked me. I rubbed my now throbbing cheek, "Kiss me back or there's plenty more smacks coming!" and with that she kissed me again aggressively. She pulled at my shirt and i did something i never would have. I pushed a girl to the floor and left.


Point for Harry? What I had too!


I also realized something, I didn't want Jenna, nor did i love her. I loved the way she cared for her best friend/siblings/son. I want to be her best friend, shes reliable. I love her as a best friend and I need to show her that.



----Louis' POV----


Harry wasn't home yet and it worried me, he went drinking and never came back. I miss my Hazza! But since he's not here I am going to hang out with my girlfriend! Oh how i love saying that!

I ran back up our curved flight of stairs and entered my messy room, I really need to clean. That’s Liam’s job though! Haha, I looked through my drawers and decided on some tan skinny jeans with a white button up shirt. I slipped those on and then made my way to my wonderful shoes!


I spent at least 10 minutes deciding, and finally chose some Red converse. I brushed my teeth with my one direction tooth brush and bushed my hair out with my 1D hair brush! Don’t judge me…

I styled my hair then added some cologne and made my way back down stairs to see all the boys eyes fixed on me waiting for my mouth to open and speak. They all wanted to know who I was dating, I decided on telling them so I sat down with them.


“I’m guessing you want to know who she is then lads?”

“YES!” they all chorused


“Well I am dating Jennavive.” I waited to see their expressions and to see if they were mad, which I thought Liam would.

“Congratz!” they all screamed in my ear. What?!

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