Big Hearted (Louis Tomlinson FanFic)

Parents Died, 5 Younger siblings, small apartment, nice job, hidden talent, YouTube, and a party.
19 year old Jennavive Peirce has a tough life and one day goes to a party and meets Harry Styles! She is also reunited with her old school crush befor ehe was famous, Louis Tomlinson. What will happen along in the adventure? James? Who is he really to Jenna?
Find out everything in Big Hearted!


13. Chapter 11


Chapter 11


----Louis' POV----


I woke up to the sound of a car outside. SHOOT! I hope that those aren't crazy fans because there are never any cars or anything round here i ran out of my room butt naked, what i don't sleep with clothes! Niether does Niall or Harry....

Nevermind that!


I ran to Liam and told him.

(This= Lou, This= Liam)


"Liam there's a car! we need a lock down fans are coming! EVACUATE TO SECRET ROOM! ABORT MISSION ABO-"

He slapped me in the face!

"Calm your nuts Lou we are finally getting a neighbor! I got a call this morning"


"Yeah.... I still can't believe Jenna flaked on me"

"Wait who?"


"Yeah her"


There could be more then one Jenna right? Right!


"Lou you K?"

"Just dandy!"

"Well go get the boys because at three o clock we are going over there with some fresh brownie's for a welcoming treat, okay?"

"Yes mum."

I hopped off of his bed and casually made my way to Zayn's room, he was on his laptop. I gently patted his shoulder to get his attention and told him to get to the kitchen and that we were making brownie's for our new neighbor!

"New neighbor? Your sure their not just fans?" Zayn questioned

"Liam said that Simon's realastate even called and told him about et"

"Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, let me fix my hair first" he agreed

Zayn and his hair products i swear he has a million! More then my sisters, and Gemma combined... I wonder... No No.



----Zayn's POV----


Let's hope it's a girl and she's hot!


----Harry's POV----


Louis just left my room after informing me of the neighbor, I forgot there even was a house over there! I like having it just us, all alone but now we have to share. I know there's a fence but now we can't be as loud! This is a disaster! Their probably going to stalk us! Can't they just move back out?!


Yes I am being harsh but I am not good with strangers! And now we have to cook them something, Dang it. They should have to cook for us! It’s Liam’s fault! He told Simon to tell the realister it was okay if they moved in because ‘He would like a neighbor’ well I wouldn’t.


They just take up space and will probably be stuck up rich snobs that will fan over us and never leave us alone! Or they’re going to absolutely hate us and burn down our house! Or their going to be gay dudes that want my gravy! Oh no no! Or they could be-


My thoughts were cut off by an ear-piercing scream. Not a boys. I ran to the window to see a little girl on the cement of our ‘neighbors’ yard and she had a big cut. I knew I couldn’t help her but I also couldn’t help think she looked very familiar.


I saw a girl run out of the house to the girl with a first aid kit, the girl looked about our age and was wearing a beautiful white strapless summer dress with a pink cardigan and pink leggings with white boots and a black beanie on her head. She looked beautiful. Too beautiful. I want her. I never wanted anyone like this before other than Jenna. I guess I never really was in love with h- WAIT! She has ‘The’ necklace on! The locket that she showed me, that has a picture of the whole family on one side and her and James on the other.


That. Is. Jenna.


Jenna. Is. Our. Neighbor.


I ran downstairs and outside as fast as I could so I could see her, but in the distance I saw someone beat me to it. Liam was now at the gate pressing the button.


Jenna. His date.


She flaked on him.


She hates me.


She’s our neighbor.





----Jennavive’s POV----



I woke up in my new dream room, quickly got dressed in a cute outfit. Today our neighbor is coming over and we are all going swimming. I walked out of my room and down to the 2nd floor to wake the kids, rule time!


I gathered them all in the living room and they had all already seen the whole house.


“Rule time you guys.”

There were about one million groans.

“Cmon we need them! Rule number


You don’t leave your room in the morning until I come and dismiss u.


No one cooks in the kitchen, if you want a snack you take one out of the snack cupboard.


NO going outside without permission. Including the Pool


The theatre room is only open in the hours of the day that is 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM otherwise you ask.


If you make a mess you clean it.


Always listen to me.


Be nice to eachother.


Dress correctly depending on the day, and don’t ask for anything, I must offer it.


NO screaming


No running outside. I don’t want injuries.


Okay understand?”






“Can we go now?”


“Yes you can go, get ready. They’ll be here in a few hours!”

I sighed, this life is getting better.


“Swissy can we pway tag outside?” Tammy asked. I nodded.

We went outside and started playing, I of course went easy and let her win always. It was then that the fell on the concrete and screamed! I ran as fast as I could inside to get the first aid kit.

I then crouched down beside her and lifted her on my lap, wiping her cut. I then heard footsteps and saw a boy at the gate pressing a button. I pulled the button from my pocket and pressed it, opening the gate. He ran over to us, I still had my head down cleaning Tammy’s cut.


“It’s okay, love” I whispered to her.

“Swissy, could you sing me a song? Da swong you sing James?”

“Of course Hun.”


I forgot there was a boy standing there.

I cleared my throat and pulled out my iPhone playing the background music and started to sing to my injured sister, forgetting everything. Singing was soothing to me, I loved it and anyone who saw me sang could tell so.



Oh, how about a round of applause?

Yeah, standing ovation? Ooh, oh yeah

Yeah y-yeah yeah


You look so dumb right now

Standing outside my house

Trying to apologize

You’re so ugly when you cry

Please, just cut it out


Don’t tell me you’re sorry 'cause you’re not

And baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught


But you put on quite a show, really had me going

But now it’s time to go, curtain’s finally closing

That was quite a show, very entertaining

But it’s over now

(But it’s over now)

Go on and take a bow


Grab your clothes and get gone

You better hurry up before the sprinklers come on

Talking’ 'bout, “Girl, I love you," "You’re the one"

This just looks like a rerun

Please, what else is on?


Don’t tell me you’re sorry 'cause you’re not

And baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught


But you put on quite a show, really had me going

But now it’s time to go, curtain’s finally closing

That was quite a show, very entertaining

But it’s over now

(But it’s over now)

Go on and take a bow


Oh, and the award for the best liar goes to you

(Goes to you)

For making me believe that you could be faithful to me

Let's hear your speech out


How about a round of applause?

A standing ovation?

But you put on quite a show, really had me going

Now it’s time to go, curtain’s finally closing

That was quite a show, very entertaining

But it’s over now

(But it’s over now)

Go on and take a bow

But it's over now


I looked up to see on one side of me, Mace, Joevon, Tanner, James (Younger but not 6 yet), and Sophie. On the other side there were 5 boys, 3 of which I knew.


All 5 boys (One Direction) Looked at me with shock and confusion. Harry looked at me with something I couldn’t see and hate, I shot the hate right back. I then moved to Liam who looked hurt, I forgot to call! I said sorry with my eyes as a tear rolled down his cheek. I didn’t get to see louis’ expression nor did I need to.


I got up picked up Tammy and handed her to Joe, I then ran to Liam and hugged him.


“Liam I am so so so sorry! Something really important came up, I meant to call but I got caught up with getting the money I got and buying the house and new clothes and everything! I’m so sorry!”


“Jenna it’s okay I understand just remember to call next time?”

“Thank you”

I stared into his eyes big brown and inviting, then cuddled into his chest.


I heard a groan. Harry.

I backed up from Liam and went to Harry.

“Still an asswhole I see?”

“Why are you here?”

“I live here. Question is why you are on MY property”

“I followed my boys”

“Well you aren’t welcome round here.”

I turned around and headed back to James who looked like himself and was 7 at the moment, he was looking sick and I knew that he was Gonna throw up, every time he moves down a year he does. I told Mace to take him inside as well as the rest.


They walked away leaving me with the boys.


“I’ve missed you Jenna” Louis voice startled me.

“You know her?” Harry and Liam asked, and then Liam said “You both know her?”

“Yes” They said at the same time.


“Wh- How?” Liam said as he walked towards me.


“Harry why don’t you go first?” I shot him a glare and he looked scared and covered his Kiwi’s.

 Smart lad.


Liam then asked, “What are you doing Harry? Don’t hold your, you know, in front of her that’s not like a gentleman.” HAHAHAAHA oh Liam.



Jenna’s words= Normal

Liam’s words= Tinted

Harry’s words= Marked with a star at the end*

Louis’ words= Bold )


*Well erm, I met her at the Christmas party and fell for her, then met under the mistletoe, kissed, she left, lost her for weeks, then found her friend James and he said he didn’t trust me with her so I punched him in the face, little did I know Jen was behind us and she sang to him and comforted him then called me bad words and kicked me kiwi’s.*

All in one breath he said that!


“Well okay then, I know her because we met at Jack Wills and hit it off then I asked her out and we talked on the phone for weeks until we could get together then she bailed.”


“Sorry bout that again”


“No problem.. Now Louis.”


“I met her in school and I had the biggest crush on her and she said she did too, and when I made my move she got embarrassed by the cool girl in school and became the loser which I didn’t think and my popular friends wouldn’t let me help her, I lost her once I don’t plan to again, and I met her again and we kinda erm.. made out? And then I erm.. walked away because I was scared.”




----Liam’s POV----


Crap now I have competition! And big ones too.


----Harry’s POV----


Even when she’s mean to be she’s still sexy(:


----Louis’ POV----


Crapppppppppppppppp now Liam wants her too! Fooey.



----Vivi’s POV----


“How about we put aside the differences today and go swimming and have fun? The kids will all be shopping with SheShe” I reasoned.

There were mumbled of Sure’s and YES!


They all left to return to change.

This otta be interesting, Oh shoot. Bloody hell! It’s me, one girl and 5 boys.


Yippee! Note the sarcasm!

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